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Jun 7 09 10:53 AM

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Don't forget to check out or PM me here!

Faithfully reproduced Department of Defence identity cards, as issued to troops in Vietnam.

(Please be aware, these are the old style ID cards and are not the ones currently issued to US Troops.)

Every detail reproduced perfectly, Includes Geneva Convention details on reverse, Glossy B/W photo (if required) on photographic card to simulate the look of the originals, Personal details added using 60's typewriter as per originals.

Four versions available for each Branch of Service (USMC, USAF, US Army, and now US Navy)

  • Full name, Surname first, Forename and middle initial last.
  • Branch of Service
  • D.o.B. as you wish it to appear on the card (To avoid confusion dates will take the form 26 JUN 72 etc)
  • Service Number (You could use N.I. or Social Security number)
  • Grade (Rank)
  • If Weathering is required (makes card look older and used) 

Please note, each card has to be made from scratch by hand and are not stamped on stock card, as such, this means it will take several days to complete your order.  Please be patient! Completed cards will be sent First class in UK or via Air Mail in reinforced envelopes when completed.

I have supplied many ‘Nam vets who wanted the card to replace their original issue card and lots of living history enthusiasts, all have been very satisfied and I have had very good feedback about these items.

All this for just £10 and £1.50 P&P!!

(P&P will vary for international orders, email for a quote.)

PayPal Accepted, email for details!

I can also provide;

MPC (US Army In Country currency), Vietnamese Dong currency, MACV Payroll Card, Nine Rules Card, Vaccination Record, Draft Letter and Card, MACV Saigon Luggage Tag, US Army Photographer ID Card, repro Marlboro 4 pack for helmet band.

PM me for details!

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