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Nov 8 09 9:44 AM

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Hey guys,
All I currently own is a '68 Jacket, looking for a pair of trousers, boots, shirt etc, all the starter kit.
I'm a bit strapped for cash right now but I'll pay what i can.



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Nov 9 09 11:06 AM

Not really, youhave to be fairly careful some websites will sell you patches as being Vietnam, but as i put in a previous rant sometimes the unit didn't exist until after the war, or they are for the personnel brigades or maintenance departments, if you like i'll take a pic of the various suitable patches i have and you can decide what you fancy?

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Nov 9 09 11:51 AM


Right these are the ones  that came to hand easily. If you want to go for any of these i'll have a thorough look through what i've got and sort you out the oldest patch of its type so it looks more authentic, or indeed may be from the period.

Strictly speaking  as the US Army system is really complicated you could have pretty much ny shoulder patch you wanted but these are the ones which are widely accepted, if you wanna know what any of them are just give me a reply.
The US ARMY Tape is just on there so you can see the type you need but i do have these for sale aswell. I do have an 'Airborne' tab for the subdued 101st Eagle but i just didn't get one to hand for the picture.


Click here to view the attachment

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Nov 9 09 12:49 PM

Steve my recomendation is get Bob to send out a group email & ask if anyone has any gear for sale. The reason being you'll get sold something that is genuine Vn & also you should get it for a good price as we all like to help eachother out here. In regards to patches as an FNG we like to as that you stick to just Name, U.S Army tapes & just the Cav patch on your left sleeve. You can always add more the longer you stay in the group.

The UKAirCav motto:- Always making the best of a bad situation since 2004

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Nov 9 09 1:43 PM

Ok Joe, cheers for the advice.

In which case Guns, how much for a US Army tape?

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Nov 10 09 9:24 AM

In answer to your first question, that path is 1st Signal Brigade (looks more exciting than it is)

I can do you a tape for £2.50 including postage, its genuine period.

And finally i'm now confused when i spoke to Bob he told to put something on my right shoulder if i fancied it, didn't say anything about time served? I've got a 2nd inf div on mine, don't really want to take it off as i don't want to keep putting holes in the shirt.

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Nov 11 09 11:24 AM

don't worry guns its not an issue you can put whatever you want on there. I just did'nt want new guys who possibly did'nt kno one patch from another putting the laundry unit on there jacket without knowing lol

The UKAirCav motto:- Always making the best of a bad situation since 2004

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Nov 15 09 8:21 AM

Also, it was always made very clear to me that as far as UKAirCav goes, right shoulder patches were reserved for those who had come to the Cav from another unit. That is why you'll see Phil and Joe with 9th Infantry on there sometimes. As we (I say we, I mean Bob and Joe mainly) have made great strides to make this unit as realistic in terms of structure as possible, I feel we should do the same in apperance. In the Handbook (this will be shortly be available for download from the website) There is a description of what awards you can wear and when. In line with Joe and Bobs philosophy of working your way up, I feel it is too unrealistic to wade in in your first year badged up to the hilt. It is also the intention that you can wear decorations that reflect your civillian life as well as any you earn through actions in the Cav. For example, you might be First Aid at Work qualified, therefore you can wear the Combat Medic patch. You might be an airline pilot (can you get free flights to the Seychelles???) therefore a shoo-in for Army Aviator. You get my drift.
Start out with US ARMY, NAME and Cav patch on your left and work from there. I for one am not keen seeing people strutting around in uniforms they have no right to wear, displaying qualifications/decorations they didn't earn. There, I said it!
By the way, do you know I supply name tapes to order??? There will be a new list going up soon, keep your eyes peeled! (By the way, I still have some O'GARRA and LANCASTER Name tapes for sale if you fancy a name change...)

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Nov 15 09 12:40 PM

I think that that would be acceptable as you survived.
If you didn't ... it would be debatable haha
Yeah, i was thinking about maybe next year or so "joining" the Signal Corps, seeing as I (occasionally) do some local Radio Time.
Oh, Guns : expect that oney in the post tomorrow.

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