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Nov 24 09 5:28 AM

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So chaps on a Saturday night say at Beltring or Detling does anyone sport a snappy smart uniform?
I'm thinking Gold Tiger stripes....
Or what do people think about this on US ebay:

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#1 [url]

Nov 24 09 6:47 AM

Those ERDL's are nice but there is a guy on Ebay UK does them for £79.99 full set, shirt, trousers, boonie all in.

When you said smart i thought you meant the nice green suit and trousers with all your ribbons, or the lightweight tropical dress tans, but crisp and fresh fatigues is pretty smart i guess

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Nov 24 09 2:21 PM

Saturday night IS Hawaiian night. Since we gave up on the beer tent since they fenced it off, we decided to entertain ourselves. Hawaiians were suggested as a joke but it took off and now we have our own Roger Jerram Appreciation Society! I guess Fridays are still free! Personally I favour crisp Tans with full MP kit,brassard and white MP peak... BTW, if you are in the south east, I am working on a venue for 'off season' dress-up drinks.

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#7 [url]

Nov 25 09 10:42 AM

Steve, its on our doorstep...
As for London, talk to Sgt Child, he's mad enough to walk through London in 107s and a trop. Oh, and he had his machete...
I will let you know more if it comes off.

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Nov 27 09 5:33 AM

On the same sort of subject. Has anyone any photos of ERDL and greens mixed? (ERDL jacket and green trousers or visce versa)

Oh and Hawaiian shirts um. I have a nice period baseball shirt tho. 

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#10 [url]

Jan 13 10 6:05 AM

On the subject I've managed to get a nice set of Tiger stripes for that beer tent look! Just need a beret!

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#13 [url]

Jan 14 10 12:38 AM

Goof off apparel would be incomplete without a pair of ho chi mihn sandals (also known as viet cong jump boots) we all had a pair for “casual wear” around the company area, much more comfortable than flip flops. If you Google “ho chi mihn sandals” you get a bunch of sites selling replica’s and sites with instructions for making your own replicas. Try a pair and you will never be satisfied with flip flops again.

Might want to wait for warmer weather to wear them though although I suppose you could make them out of snow tires for winter wear. Dave S.

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#14 [url]

Jan 27 10 3:41 AM

haha i personaly love my lrrp uniform but with a nice cowboy hat and maybe if i can find it my cowboy style belt for fits and giggles and ofcoruse to compleate it all of nothing better than a warm maybe cold if i am am lucky bottle of beer lol

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Jan 27 10 12:32 PM

So who's going to win the best shirt prize this year.    I will get a bottle of something for the best shirt at the bunker bash,  choosing by lt joe and ssgt phil.  So come fng's lets see what you can come up with.

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#20 [url]

Jan 28 10 5:18 AM

On the subject of dress uniforms has everybody got them i think it would be nice one of the night's at war & peace for everybody to wear either the green dress uniform or tan's. What do you think guys I've got both so I'm easy!

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