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Feb 5 10 6:15 PM

Ok guy's while we are on the subject of revolver's this is what happened when the owner of this
Model 629 Smith and Wesson 44 Magnum got his mix wrong when making his round's after his head stopped ringing this is what he had left of the gun.

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Feb 5 10 7:12 PM

Unfortunatly especialy with large capacity cases modern powders leave a lot of xtra room its easy to double load a case if you dont PAY ATTENTION. Since I'm a low volume loader I take the xtra precaution of weighing loaded rounds when I'm done.

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Feb 21 10 3:04 PM

Hi People,
I know i've been posting on here for a while but it seems that this season i will actually get to join you for some shows.
I've spoken to Bob and discussed a few things about what i need etc and i'm thinking of portraying the platoon sniper so i will be adding some various items to my kit to gear it more towards the scout sniper role. I've lined up an M14 with scope etc and am now working on my load bearing kit.
I really need some webbing, i never seem to be able to find any - have considered going to Moore Militaria but i know i will be shafted by customs, and something looks a bit off in the photo's on Costa's website, has anyone bought the webbing from SOF or is it best avoided?
I want the basic rig, not to fussed about the buttpack because my uniform bible says they were rarely used as GI's  hated them and their placement.
Anyway any kit offers would be gladly investigated


Glen, I am of the opinion "grunt first". We have all been through that right of passage and so will FNGs. Unless I am mistaken, the kit list calls for all 56 webbing including butt pack.
As for the M14, get one by all means, but you will need a '16 for display/ patrolling. Liam got an ass-chewing for wanting one, and he's been with us two years! Get your basic kit sorted and approved, then branch out. We'd be happy for the long-range support in time!

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May 5 10 9:14 PM

Subject: Sniper kills Qaeda-from 1½ mi. away
(New York Post) It was silent but deadly. A British sniper set a world sharpshooting record by taking out two Taliban soldiers in Afghanistan from more than a mile and a half away -- a distance so great, experts say the terrorists wouldn't have even heard the shots.

Craig Harrison killed the two insurgents from an astounding distance of 8,120 feet -- or 1.54 miles -- in Helmand Province last November firing an Accuracy International L11583 long-range rifle.
"The first round hit a machine-gunner in the stomach and killed him outright," said Harrison, a corporal of horse in the British Army's Household Cavalry, the equivalent of a sergeant in the American military.
"The second insurgent grabbed the weapon and turned as my second shot hit him in the side. He went down, too," Harrison told the Sunday Times of London.
The shots -- measured via GPS -- surpassed the previous record held by Canadian Army Cpl. Rob Furlong, who killed an al Qaeda gunman from 7,972 feet in 2002.
Harrison's shots were roughly equal to the distance between the Statue of Liberty and Battery Park.
Experts called Harrison's sharp shooting as perfect as it gets.
"When you are shooting that far, if you miss by a hair, you miss by a mile," said John Plaster, a retired US Army sharp-shooting instructor and author of "The Ultimate Sniper." "That is about as precise as any marksmen on the planet could shoot."
He said Harrison's targets likely never knew what was coming.
"At a distance like that they cannot even see anyone and they would not even hear the muzzle report," Plaster said.
Harrison, who fired the bullets while his colleagues were under fire, said perfect weather helped him nail the perfect shot.
"[There was] no wind, mild weather, clear visibility," he said.
Harrison learned of his record nine days ago, when he returned to England. In the weeks after his record shot, he suffered a minor gunshot wound and broke his arms when his vehicle hit a roadside bomb.

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May 6 10 12:53 AM

Thats interesting Dave - i never read that over here, but our press is a bit cagey about telling us good stories like that, i guess its the political correctness

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Sep 17 10 10:20 AM

Have any of you seen the video of the canadian snipers armed with a 50. cal?
The taliban just explode.

Gary Owen!!!

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