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Feb 2 10 3:48 AM

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I'm considering selling my jager blank firing m16 as i never use it, if anybody is interested any serious offers around the £350 mark please pm me

garry owen

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Feb 2 10 11:23 AM

if you wanna pay in installments steviet have a quiet word with him, he can only say no i have brought stuff of a couple of the guys with weekly instalments and they have been understanding and their help has been appreciated. if you don't ask you don't get...... just don't expect to take it away on the first day you keep it after its all been paid for but at least its kept for you. afterall its a private arrangement between buyer and seller. and the guys have always said (captain bob as well ) if they can help a fellow member they will do so without complaint such is the comraderie that makes the group no1. {just off to scrape off my tongue now lol}winkdevil

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Feb 3 10 1:15 AM

It depends how many installments you want to pay by obviously I'd prefer it if it didn't turn into a 25 year mortgage lol I'll get some pictures taken and put up here probably be sunday now as I'm stuck at work til then.


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Feb 14 10 12:17 PM

May i just say how good the condition of this gun is. I have seen and serviced quite a few of these & this one is one of the best i have come across. It has hardly any wear at all, is well looked after, has all the original parts and fires well.

Plus as a bonus its been recenty serviced by my good self

If anyone wants anymore info on this gun then shout up as its currently locked in my gun cabinet.



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Feb 17 10 3:58 AM

i fear its the extra provision needed to safely store a rifle sized blank firer that is a minus as i saw gun cabinet mentioned above, just a thought as i know nothing of firearm ownership never had a license etc.

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Feb 17 10 5:54 AM

You dont need a gun cabinet to own a blank firing weapon. Jamie has one because he has a shotgun certificate and owns real section 2 shotguns. As long as you comply with the VCR act there is no problem owning, buying, or selling blank firer as is with an airsoft rifle the only difference being that you must be over the 18 years of age to buy a blank firer....

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Feb 17 10 11:32 AM

Yup as hollywood said, i just put it in the cabinet out of the way. You dont need any licence or anywhere in paticular to keep it at all. You just have to be a member of a re-enactment society, etc & over 18. I dont think there are any otherrules officially

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Feb 19 10 11:54 AM

I cant beleive no one has bought this, these really are few & far between & rarely come up in this condition, ask Jonny lancaster lol. Will be a shame for this to go to  a stranger. Might even buy it myself & add it to the pile lol

Like hollywood said i presume everyone has there weapons for the arena. If you dont & you are expecting to take part then do not expect to borrow weapons from others as this will not happen. There is only maybe 1 or 2 spares and i dont intend on lending mine out to anyone this year, which alone drops 3 or 4 out. DOnt forget about your ammo aswell, once again dont expect it to be supplied.

 We'll see at the first show........................

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