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Mar 4 10 12:28 PM

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Ok guys Idon't now if you have been emailing sgt childs with this, But the s/sgt put a email out to the group asking you all to email dan or me with what weapons you have, airsoft/blankfirer or deac. you can pm me if you want, but come on guys more it.         Thanks to jamie(dog) and pete neal for getting back to me quick.   

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Mar 4 10 5:04 PM

Sorry sgt, but i think i was removed from the group email list after not getting in at w&pcrying but i currently have:

airsoft M14 {with sniper scope and silencer attachments}
airsoft m16
colt 1911 denix

but i will get many more vietnam period weapons if things go according to my master plan by the end of this yeargrin

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Mar 5 10 8:20 AM

I've got as follows: 

Colt .45 67 model replica
Colt .45 Springfield version with extended barrel and adjustable sights - airsoft metal
M203 - Plastic Airsoft (wasn't planning on using this)

Should soon take delivery of an all metal M16 airsoft

Also been offered a LAW deact with certificate - (does anyon know what a fair rice is on that?)

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Mar 16 10 7:22 AM

i got m14 airsoft, m16 replica, sks deac and maybe a springfield 03 haha

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