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#21 [url]

Mar 25 10 5:22 PM

1x airsoft m60
1x airsoft m14 with redfield scope
1x ak47 replica
1x airsoft blooper
1x airsoft m16
2x replica m16's
2x 8mm blank firing 45's
1x replica 45
2 x blank firing .38 revolver's
1 x deactivated .38 smith and wesson revolver
christ where did that lot come from.


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#23 [url]

Mar 26 10 8:36 AM

Capt. Bob a man after my own heart you can never have too many guns
None of mine are deacts but they may as well be most havent been fired in years but I periodicaly take them out to look at. Others are fired only once or twice a year at most. I always tell the wife they are "an investment" but that doesnt work if you never plan to sell any of them.

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#24 [url]

Mar 26 10 9:54 AM

i have a kar98 ak47 is my babys xxxgrin Russ are you going to to the 2nd work weekend xxx

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#28 [url]

Dec 22 10 12:53 PM

Colt M16a1deac,Colt45 deac,colt45 blank,AK47 blank,M79 Airsoft,K98 (live),M1 blank working on M60!!!!

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