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Mar 5 10 4:40 AM

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whilst researching the 7th air cav i came across a couple of good yahoo groups concerned with the vietnam war and joined them, during my introduction i pointed out the merits of the group and put the website address up {the pictures he referrs to} and heres a nice reply i got from this vet plus he sent me 2 versions of garry owen march if we wanted to include them on the site i did invite them to pop to the forum and say hi. anyway heres the body of the email i recieved..........
"Hi Nick
Welcome to the AFVN group.  By the way we just had a swiss guy join too and he is going to do a living history thing of AFVN over the on the continent

The official music of the 7th Cavalry is the Gary Owen.  Attached are two versions - a band version played by the 82nd Airborne Division and a Fife and Drum version.
The 7th was commanded by Gen George Custer during part of the Indian Wars and was wiped out at the Battle of Little Big Horn 
Gary Owen is sometimes spelled Garryowen [all one word]
maybe you would like to put the music on your webpage
I looked at some of your Nam pictures.  They looked pretty authentic.  It would be a hoot to hear you guys talking with a Brit accent and looking like that.
Not sure about the bright Cav patch though.  At least at the end of the war everyining was in subdued colors -- green and black.  Early in the war the colors would have been bright, but then nametapes would have been bright and US army over the left pocket would have been bright too.
can some of you guys who were there early chime in on this
welcome to the group
Bob Morecook

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