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Mar 8 10 12:52 PM

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Guys, i know that some showgrounds can be dead fussy about their exhibitors / traders having the correct fire fighting equipment. It dawned on me the other day that in that sense i can be of sme extra use to the group, I'm a fire engineer so if the group needs any fire extinguishers to comply with site regulations for different shows let me know and i'll sort it  - Free of charge of course - i know Hop farm insist that traders have a 6kg powder with them as a friend of mine has a pitch there.

I guess this thread is kind of directed at Bob or the LT etc..............................

Let me know as soon as and i can get whats needed together

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In Country

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Mar 8 10 2:33 PM

hi guns, the only time we need a fire extinguisher is when we have a B,Q   done by the old LT joe lol  . the show guys deal with that so no worrys on that ,,.
Ssgt filpot 

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