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Apr 22 10 3:24 PM

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can someone organise a membership form to be sent to me via royal mail. only i have been given a serial number {for my dog tags}, and a squad allocation for this season.put on the website rosta awaiting photograph, upgraded to priv member {to download manual}  then de-privelidged, but have not been asked to pay anything to complete my membership........ or do i pay at my first event like the other FNG's. 
i am now rather confused as to my current status, can someone clarify for definite if i am a uk aircav member.

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Apr 22 10 7:02 PM

Nick i will give you a form first show you do and you can pay your £30-00 then or you can pay
£10-00 per show it's up to you, the pay per show will not operate next year as all member's must be paid up by February next year or their membership will be terminated there will be no exeption's
to this rule. i would also like to remind all new guy's that their  first year is probationary and your
future with this group will be decided at the end of the season but dont worry to much about that because so far nobody has been refused another season.


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