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Apr 25 10 1:28 AM

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Im new to the forum and to the Nam.
Eny tips?
P.S Is eny one going to Millitary Odyssey?

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Apr 25 10 2:04 AM

Welcome to the forum Dan! What stage are you at in your interest in the Vietnam war? Books, films, collector? Many of us on here started reading books and progressed from there really if you have any questions on the subject feel free to ask anybody. We have a mixture of guys on here who have been re-enacting for years, serious collectors of Vietnam War period gear, members who have read every book on the subject there is to read lol, new guys like your self who are just starting out, and finally the most important of them all we have veterans who actually fought over there who can give you an insight into things that no books or films can. We are very relaxed group of like minded individuals (albeit a bit mad sometimes but dont let that scare you off lol) who will help you out as much as they can so if you dont see a topic already covering your thoughts just ask us!

Cpl Russ 'hollywood' Bibb

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Apr 25 10 4:13 AM

Well Hollywood ive just started collecting and my gear is basik to say the least but im trying to finnish my m56 set by the end of this year. Ive read a bit about the nam and ive even been to the country on holiday.

Ive got a pistol belt, suspenders, a torch and repro 3rd pattern uniform but ive alredy got a origonal jacket coming to me at christmas. So ive got a way to go but im keen.

Thanks allgrin

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Apr 25 10 4:49 AM

what you could do is come along with the gear you have and see if anyone can lend you anything spare to use at the event. you can even get some deals going to buy the extra bits you need from other members i did and they are always willing to help a newbie i believe you need just a uniform set of webbing, helmet, boots and an m16 airsoft to do a basic kit loadout but the guys can confirm this for you, {maybe in this thread}  i mean if you don't have an m16 maybe you can borrow a pistol rig and carry a "pig" for the weekend or do medic or something but again the old salts can outline your options. using the limited kit you already have. are you working or are you at school or college?

basic 56 webbing you will need to get:  2 water bottles, 2 ammo pouches, first aid pouch and a butt pack that will do you to start with add the belt etc you already have. detling and w&p are where you can find cheap bits of kit. or if you are in kent area then i have been told chatham fair is a good source of kit. or ebay! i  have a spare m1 and cover if you wanted to borrow it at an event. just need to get yourself some boots and you are set.

have a word with guns agogo he may have the insignia you need for your uniform and hes a good bloke to deal with.

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Apr 25 10 5:39 AM

yeah i like the pig but i also fancy the medic so either.
If you could that would be great but im in school so i have to sell my randon millitary collection to pay for nam. Ive seen 2 origonal universal ammo pouches for $16 but not including postage from Moor millitaria.

I need some boots but there pretty expensive so ill have to see what i can do but what price would you say?.
Ive got a pair of rubbishy repro boots with the panama sole but there oviosly facke so 2 foot rule applies and ill

Nice wood gear by the way 

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Apr 25 10 6:20 AM

Dan before you jump the gun have you spoken to me about attending show's or even joining
the group i deal with new guy's not new guy's themselve's i need you to contact me
Bob Cairn's 07768696214 or home 01795-580139 i am the recruitment officer for the UK AIR CAV
and only after i have spoken to you will i make a decision once again we have people trying to do my job for me it's not your fault Dan you should have been refered to me straight away and i could explain every thing to you.


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Apr 25 10 7:03 AM

Im too young to join and i just have an interest in collecting so im going to get my gear together and ill come backe later on when ive got a the gear.

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Apr 25 10 2:04 PM

well see what happen's Steve if he had phoned me he could have done summit with Tony's pathfinder section until he was old enough but that's up to him.
Steve, Ray due to cicumstances beyond my control i cant make either the work weekend
or the bunker show on the 15th i have to be at Beltring for the site meeting and also i have family thing's to do i hope you can still get a lift ok sorry guy's.


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#20 [url]

Apr 25 10 2:16 PM

That's ok Boss,
I might be able to grab one from Andy/Phil

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