Apr 26 10 9:01 AM

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Well it looks as though you've made it in. But you're not going anywhere without your Kit!
So grab some Greens, your Boonie and an M16, and let's rock!

(Essentials for the Cav are in BOLD. Non-essentials are not)

1) OG Green Rip-stop Tropical Jungle Jacket & Trousers (Shade OG 107)
2) OG Green T-Shirt, US Stlye
3) M1 Steel Helmet with Maple Leaf cover and Band
4) US Army Jungle Boots, Period Vibbram or current issue Panama Sole (1980's type)
5) Complete set of M56 Webbing : Belt, Suspenders, 2x Ammo Pouches, Butt Pack, 2x 1Q Water Canteens+ covers, 1st Aid Pouch (Other members will help when needed)
7) US Army issue OG Poncho.
8) M16 Electric soft air Firing Rifle/Repro/Deactivated/Blank firer) (Again, aid will be given here)
9) US Army Pup Tent

10) Mess Tins (to eat on display)

11) US Army Right Angle Torch
12) OG Green Towel (Sweat Rag)
13) M45 Sleeping Bag
14) M60 Bullet Belts (100 rounds, 7.62mm)
15) M16 Bandolier
16) Bug Juice (Clear bottle)
17) M1942/M67 Machette & Sheath
18) M18 Smoke Grenades
19) M26 or M67 Frag grenades
20) M56 Entrenching tool (with cover)
21) M18 Claymore Mine Bag (with Claymore if you wish) OG Cotton
22) M7/M8A1 Bayonett for M16
23) Packboard. Plywood OG Green
24) M72 LAW's 66mm Rocket Launcher Tube (Please NO Activated! People will try to sell them too you, we've seen it!)
25) 2Q Water Canteen & Cover (US Army 80s issue IS acceptable)
26) M52/M69 Flak Vest
27) M17/ XM28 Respirator and Canvas Cover
28) PRC-25 Radio Transmitter
Lightweight Rucksack and fram OR Tropical Rucksack and Frame

There are of course other items you may like to buy as time goes by, and if you decide to specialise to a certain role then your kit list will change, but only slightly.