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Apr 26 10 1:18 PM

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Does anyone have an Xbox account on here if so i'm on most Mondays, thursdays and saturdays
Replay with your gamertag and i'll add you, i'm not posting mine as its not suitable for all our users!

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Apr 27 10 12:35 AM

don't have it but i'll get you added - as soon as you get the request you'll know why i won't post it - get MW2 its a great laugh - i like the M16 primary weapon and i back it up with a Blooper

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Apr 27 10 3:25 AM

I play most nights from 10 pm but i tend to play with my clan.........GGGGGGOOOOOO.....CLAN WOLF PACK!!!!
we play MW2 mainly and WAW occasionately and i am surprised at you glen you don't snipesurprise i do

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Apr 27 10 9:26 AM

Don't ask, rubbish selection I know. It'll get changed to PopeBenedictine sometime. However, I do share my a ccount with my 22 year old brother, so if you send a mesage/ game invite and I don't respond, it's probably him.

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Apr 27 10 1:01 PM

I did 4 tours with BF2C those were good days, 10 hour matches played straight from 5pm onwards. Good crack with the guys in the USA, some of the guys who played were on basis out in Iraq, etc they wern't bad at it either lol

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Apr 28 10 9:21 AM

sorry i dont like XBOX 360 lol xxxdevil

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Apr 28 10 10:21 AM

Noooooo, can't stand those PC controllers or loads of buttons to do anything - Unless its RPG and then you have to play PC versions, that and RTS consoles make crap RPG's - i loved the Baldurs Gate range

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Oct 20 10 8:27 AM

ok cavcowboy is me on the xbox but dont have many games myself as mainly a pc game but if u play pc games online  look up lasnotugga as thats me

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