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Oct 22 10 1:34 PM

guys XBOX name is FILPOT758 send message and i add you ,, maybe get a nite of cod 3,4,5,,


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#26 [url]

Nov 3 10 8:26 PM

right i hope you have all got battlefield bad company 2 for your xbox's as battlefield "vietnam" add on {800 mp} is due out very soon i have heard.grin no BFBC2 = NO BFVIETNAM!!! wink

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Nov 4 10 5:56 AM

Yeah i saw that and it pisses me off as i don't want BFBC 2 as i hate the graphics and the online - i found thats what ruined the new MOH aswell, i guess i'll just wait for Black Ops as a bundle of those levels are in Vietnam and it will have COD graphics and gameplay - Hooyah!

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#30 [url]

Nov 4 10 3:12 PM

Ahh but battlefield is ropey graphics and glitchy animation, plus very poor online play. COD should be good levels in Vietnam and other cold war dissavowed theatres of battle

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#38 [url]

Nov 10 10 4:04 AM

oh an not forgetting the flamethrower attachment under the m16 and the aks lol me thinks it was bits of the old games merged in to one but set in nam for the most parts lol i think they focused to much on the online play which i might add is far more better than mw2 now the tac nukes are gone lol just hope battlefeild do a better job with their new nam pack

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#40 [url]

Nov 10 10 9:39 AM

The buster to that is you've gotta buy battlefield 2 before you can pay even more for the Nam addition and Battlefield is Ps2 graphics - the last really good Nam Game was Shellshock Nam 67' that was a blinding game, you even had mama sans hoochs outside the wire!

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