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#41 [url]

Nov 10 10 2:00 PM

How anybody can not like the look of that? I can't wait!

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#44 [url]

Nov 10 10 3:36 PM

Yeah but all battlefield trailers are good, the 1943 movies and film rolls were superb but the game was shit and unfortunately battlefield games are usually the same game in new clothes?

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#45 [url]

Nov 10 10 4:08 PM

its basicly is guns but what battelfeild have done is listen to their games players which gives em an edge over call of duty, yeh its the same stuff but unlike cod u can destroy stuff :) allso with the new graphics up date they done to their veitnam stuff, alltho saying that it will probs suck on the 360 lol hence y i normaly stick to my pc, now if they take the clothing and facepaint stuff from cod it would make things more intresting

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#47 [url]

Nov 11 10 8:24 AM

Yeah its the body sculpting i hate looks wise - everything they put on the character clings like Jimmy Somervilles wardrobe, however i dod enjoy the destruction side but again matey the online for Battlefield is attrocious in comparison to COD games, its just run and die over and over again - afterall its made by the same guys who made MOH's online and that was so poor it was unreal - still blockbuster gave me £30 trade in for it so after i added a few DVD's i got Black ops for free

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#48 [url]

Nov 11 10 8:30 AM

Btw Ray i know what you mean, i started black ops last night in Cuba 1961 and the first thing i pick up is a handle-less M203 - I'm sitting there thinking okay you could get a detail wrong but the whole fucking gun? Did no-one have a pc handy to google Vietnam dated weapons at any point during the games creation? However, the game play rocks and for movement, aiming, crisp graphics and enjoyability it will be very hard to beat

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#49 [url]

Nov 11 10 11:45 AM

haha havent played battlefeild games on my xbox, and yep it is like that but for me and a few buddys with team work as good snipers we can provide over watch for our squads lol and normaly win lol.
have ya got to the patrol boats yet? pmsl u will laugh at the size of em lolol kinda reminds me of the huge pontoon bridges for tanks to roll over lol, am half tempted as a beta tester to send the cod guys an email asking wth was they thinking lol as i am on their mailing list lol kinda shocked i didnt get a copy of it to test for em lol would have told em its wrong, saying that the story line was kinda good and the online play is pretty good bein its my first xbox shooter game

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#50 [url]

Nov 13 10 12:01 PM

I play Bad Company 2 on the PC and have got to say its brilliant the graphics are just as good as any COD game. The maps are much bigger than cod games as well although zi like cod I dont think it is as good as everybody makes it out to be. I think for gameplay and graphics(if your pc has good enough spec) this gonna be good and those videos feature actual gameplay so should be a good insight as to what the game will be like. I've always believed that shooter games are always better played on the pc than xbox or ps3 anyway...

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#52 [url]

Nov 13 10 5:07 PM

steve a true pc gamer would get a trackball mouse to use lol lets ya fine tweek ur aim on 1st person shooters lol i got mine a few years bk now and havent looked back lol takes a bit of getting used to but is sooooo much better for gameing, and its allso a laugh when u let ur mates use ur pc to lolol

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#55 [url]

Mar 15 11 1:31 PM

Hiya guns a go go,
My gamer tag is chrisd1965, i play alsorts of games, but mainly COD4, MW2, black ops, graw2, battlefield 2 etc, if you want, please feel free to add me, i'm on for a few hours most days, unless i'm busy, cheers.

3rd bn, 503rd abn inf, 173rd abn bde, airborne all the way.

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#59 [url]

Jul 30 11 6:54 AM

accepted you nick and added steviet smile
black ops is ok i never take much notice of accuracy as long as the game has a good feel to it and keeps you interested its all good  

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#60 [url]

Aug 15 11 6:57 AM

Guys after 18months am back on xbox live add bigjoe1974

The UKAirCav motto:- Always making the best of a bad situation since 2004

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