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Apr 30 10 5:56 AM

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A couple of people have mentioned to me again about if we can watch films at shows. Similar to, for those who were there,  the Red Ball Express at w&p. We have spoken about this before & i think there was talk that someone had a projector to use that we would hook up to my Geni, amp, dvd player & speakers. I'm only reminding everyone (as we always seem to remember at the end of the season) and am not going to be organising any of this but if its something people still want to do then get something sorted asap as the shows are just round the corner. I'm sure there wont be a shortage of films/tv series to watch so its over to you guys.


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Apr 30 10 10:57 AM

Yes we would probably need a white sheet to put on it though. I'll probbaly just have a wander down to the red ball express again they provide you with a comfy jerry can seat lol

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Apr 30 10 3:13 PM

On that note Im just listening to the disc that will be played this year at the shows and ive got to say we have every base covered! I cant think of anything that could be added to this be it Rock, Folk, Blues, Motown, Soul, Country, Detroit Sound, Psyche, Surf, Beat, Pop, Etc Any moans and I will stick my survival knife up ya arse lol And if some of you young kids havent got a clue who you're listening to, I will give you a quick lesson in music over a few cups of whiskey provided by you! lol

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May 6 10 1:16 AM

I will attempt to find projector - maybe a medley of best bits from many Nam films would be good if someone has the software, not sure the whole of apocalypse would be a good idea as it does have some long a boring stretchs

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May 6 10 7:28 AM

Hollywood the Redux is about 4 hours, has some nice bits that fill in the blanks but some bits of it are a wee bit pony. I love the film but i can admit that Coppolla just likes a ramble

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May 6 10 8:39 AM

I think the missing scenes in redux do fill in the gaps but I had already read about them anyway so pretty much knew what to expect although I do agree with them added it does make it a little long winded...

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May 6 10 10:47 AM

You'll have to find another genni capable of running the projector etc as if we have a proector, dvd player, amp & 2 big speakers it will overload mine & fuck it up. so we need another one aswell.

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