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May 24 10 3:30 PM

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Hi "Grunts"
               saw a few of you guys at the bunker bash,i really enjoyed seeing all your kit & equipment,it definatly fueled my disire to reinlist.I am still aquiring equipment to be fit for duty,as every thing i currently have is all M67 gear dated 1967-68,so i have been aquisitioning some M56 equipment as per the new recruit kit list,and am almost there.I enjoyed talking to the LRRP's ,and admit i have a hankering for  kitting up in JWD'S.Next major purchase will be the M16 i have my eye on
I'll be contacting Captain Bob soon. 


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May 25 10 1:26 PM

Well, the kit sourcing will continue,its fun just finding the stuff,so this will have to be satisfying enough  for now,So I guess I'll have to speak to your recruitment guy "Bob" next year at the Bunker Bash.

Hopefully see you in the Boonies in 2011 !

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