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Jun 21 10 1:55 PM

ross ,
ask dave about the CAV, scrolls as in RANGER ..AIRBORNE , i belive most CAV lrrp,s was RANGER trained and not AIRBORNE trained thats why you see two diffenet scrolls , is this true dave .?

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Jun 21 10 9:00 PM

well with the 101 lrrp rangers they would recruite ppl at diffrent bases  basicly it was the people who didnt fit in to a normal line company who became lrrps, theres a famouse story of a guy built like sweade who was watchin his first movie in country that happened to be a clint eastwood movie and some grunts saids something for him to kick off, well he tore the place apart but his name was down to be a lrrp and lt dan mcisake ( it thats how u spell it ) got him outa trouble with the mp's and said i want him in my lrrps "thats they type of guy i want"
but from my understanding some lrrps got on the job training and was shit canned if they didnt make the grade others left as it got to much for them and started seeing things that wasnt there, or others fell out with team mates, basicly if ur on the team for  days on end and either didnt trust the judgement of ur tl or atl you didnt last.
again this is something i learned from the 101 vets so would love to hear daves veiws on this if it was the same with the cav lrrps


Yes there were guys who didn't make it through initial in company training, and guys who didnt work out in the field and were reassigned, There were also some guys who decided after several missions they had had enough and asked out. More than one guy decided they couldnt take the pressure of being a team leader and asked to be removed and remained valuable team members.
Stress got to some guys sneaking through woods full of well armed enemy troops for days can be sort of stressful, finding tiger sign or even seeing tiger just befor dark can cause fitful sleep. (I'll have to tell you guys about the team that had an asian black bear stumble into them in the middle of the night sometime) Or watching a stream all afternoon to determine where there was the least croc activity before crossing after dark. Guys who did the job and then decided they couldnt do it any more and asked out are stillconsidered our brothers and not faulted for their decisions at all. LRRPs had varied histories and there were some who had "difficulties" in other units, but by and large the line commanders complained the other way that LRRPs seemed to steal the best and most promising soldiers from the replacement pool. A number of guys who came to lrrps with some problems in their past became outstanding lrrps.

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Jun 22 10 12:20 AM

It wa

Never heard that before, i know it was set up by MACV after the success of the 5th SFG project delta which was three intensive weeks of LRRP training - below is the criteria for Recondo prospective students

Be a volunteerPossess a combat arms MOS (Military Occupational Speciality)Be in excellent physical conditionHave a minimum of one month in-countryHave six months remaining in VietnamHave an actual or anticipated assignment to a LRRP unitBe proficient in general military subjects


It was set up by Westmoreland who was a former commander of the 101st Airborne Division so he initially looked to his former unit to start with, which at that time would of been the 101st Airborne Brigade! They used the Special Forces Delta Force template and were trained by Special Forces Troopers during their Recondo training. The first Recondo patch worn was in fact the 101 patch and all others units patches were their on take on that.

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Jun 22 10 1:01 AM

ross ,
ask dave about the CAV, scrolls as in RANGER ..AIRBORNE , i belive most CAV lrrp,s was RANGER trained and not AIRBORNE trained thats why you see two diffenet scrolls , is this true dave .?


Thats right Phil in my insignia addled mind i know that, It was the Cav LRRPs who had the scroll changed from "Airborne Ranger" to "Ranger Airborne" this was because most of the LRRPS were not airborne qualified and there role was more to do with being a Ranger than falling from a perfectly good aircraft. The change was implemented by the OC of H Company CAV LRRPS in or around 68/69

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Jun 22 10 4:55 AM

What they were originally intended for was in the title 'Reconnaisance' but when they were given the title Ranger this got mis read by many CO's as being more of a Commando type role so many teams were misused in silly gung ho missions. The Vietnam era Ranger was very different from the WW2 or even modern Ranger Im not even sure why they were designated Rangers as most of them were not, It must of just been the Armies way of formalizing things and giving the companies a lineage . After the war ended all of the units were folded up later to re-emerge as Long Range Surveilance companies very different from the modern Ranger battalions.

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Jun 22 10 6:05 AM

The common expression is that the LRRPs were sucsessful as long as they were LRRPs and lived by their wits, when  they became RANGERS they died.
The Army hates to rely on small units of volunteers there is the natural tendency to want to standardize and regulate and operate on the theory that with enough proper training and control any soldier can do any job - every war seems to prove them wrong but that doesnt stop the tendency. In the US after every major war Ranger units have been disbanded. When the next comes along they discover they need them again and start over from scratch.
Apparently that may be changing somewhat after viet nam when RANGERs were reactivated and have become a regular sustained unit. My young neighbor a 75th RANGER from the gulf war tells me that the history and tactics of the european and vietnam lrrp units are studied extensivly in Ranger school (must be he knew more about "my" unit than I did), and that after Airborne and Ranger schools a select few get to go to another school to become "lrrp" qualified Rangers, apparently recognizing that the long range recon mission differs from the general Ranger mission.

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Jun 22 10 8:10 AM

Yes maybe they are finally realizing that fact Dave

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