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Jun 21 10 11:45 AM

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I personally would like to see our potrail of H Company 75th Infantry be come more pro active within the ukaircav organisation,we had a small yet sucessful display at the bunker bash weekend,i personally belive we could actually build upon that....but this all hinges upon the the numbers within
the 7th Cav section.
So what do you think?

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Jun 21 10 1:05 PM

That's not a bad idea Ross but i will personally require a limit on LRRP member's because otherwise i am not gonna have no grunt's and it seem's at the moment to many member's are more interested in the LRRP,S than the Cav side of thing's every new guy we get want's to be LRRP
RANGER or some other fancy uniform and we will end up with a dead cav group.. which i am not prepared to see happen.


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In Country

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Jun 21 10 1:27 PM

hi guys

 5 lrrp,s is  all i want when some leave we take more on i will allways have 2 secretley hidden in the ranks who have the kit , now i would love to got full time with this but we grunt 1st LRRP 2nd untill we get 100000000000 of grunts ,,[lol iwish] but you get the point  whenever we can we WILL  be CAV, LRRP,s  im sure we can do it at the war & peaces show on a couple of days ,, [ can we bob please lol]

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Jun 21 10 1:49 PM

We seem to have a lot of new guys who wanna be LRRPS but dont have much Grunt kit either.

We would be no where without the humble grunt! Too many people seem to wanna be straight in at the top, i'm not having a dig at anyone in particular but we have to get the basics right first. We have 5 excellent, more than capable LRRPS & as bob said i think that should be the limit for a while, at least until we have every grunt with a full grunt loadout and attending regurlarly.

I dont get it myself! I can't see why anyone wouldn't want to be in Bobs 7th Scotch Egg Division!

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Jun 21 10 4:18 PM

Well on the subject of scotch egg's you LRRP'S super trooper's could not even find my
stolen egg's last year let alone find the VC LAAAAAAAARFFFFFFF MY ARSSSSSSE OFFFFF


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Jun 22 10 12:53 AM

Yes, that picture that was found of bob eating the scotch egg whilst sat at his table was in fact a fake made up by the VC & used in there propoganda campaign against the 7th Scotch Egg Division!

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Jun 22 10 1:07 AM

Not me guys, i'm no LRRP

I've got my grunt kit other than a rifle, and i've got as set of tigers stashed for my sniper kit but i can do line doggy sniper too in my OD's - the grunt number is safe by one with me!

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Jun 22 10 2:22 AM

What gear do i need to get to join the 7th Scotch Egg Divison.....will i be needing a dated sauce pan...
lol lol

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In Country

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Jun 22 10 5:51 AM

In regards to the sniper kit, did snipers operate with a squad like ww2 or was there sniper teams with indervidual missions?

<3 Captain Bob! Airsofters<Reenactors

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Jun 22 10 5:57 AM

This has been discussed very in depth on other posts on here mate but basically Army snipers tended to tag along with grunts similar to WW2 and Marine snipers worked in two man teams like modern day

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Jun 22 10 7:12 AM

No - both ways mate, Army snipers were the same as Marine snipers basically although they tended to get less or the key target take downs ( USMC snipers were often used for denied ops)

Army snipers still worked in pairs as you would require a spotter - usually armed with an M14, many army teams carried two m14's, some used the Marine format which was one m14 and one bolt action.

The good thing about that is i can wear my OD's and grunt it out and just switch guns for sniper - but i got the tigers also, not John Waynes though - i got a copy of the brown dominant 68/69 issued third patterns, it had been realised by 68 that too much black in the uniform polarised through optics (that and strictly speaking you don't get truly black plants or foliage)

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#20 [url]

Jun 22 10 7:56 AM

Obviously there is a little more to it than that and it would be different depending on unit and era but in a nutshell thats basically it. You see The Army were a little slow to go with the whole sniper thing so didnt have a dedicated system in place whereas The Marines were a lot quicker to adopt it and also spent more time and money researching it and putting a system in place which consists of a scout/sniper team(a spotter with an a scoper m14 and a shooter with an m40 rifle) and it hasn't changed much since The Vietnam War.

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