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Jun 21 10 12:17 PM

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Hi Dave,
You talked in your last post about the 1st Cav having a "mini recondo shool" at company level,this also applied to the 101st...was this mini school made up of a cadre of training nco,s ect with the expriances gained in the field,then passed on to the volunteers? long would one of these courses would roughly last for?
You also made an interesting point about working with the did find it working with a different unit?..was there much difference in the training and "how certain thing,s were to be done"?
I hope i,m not asking too much of you dave,but this really interesting.


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Jun 21 10 6:25 PM

Ross - the Recondo schools run by the Cav and by the 101 were after my time and I don’t know much about them or how long they lasted I know that they were training on at least some of the things taught in the .

The company training was something else. It was a two to three week training by experienced team leaders and RECONDO graduates on map and compass calling artillery and other support, and medic training upon first joining the unit the amount and length of training varied by the urgency of needing replacements in the field. The best I can remember my “class” lasted not more than three weeks.

I don’t remember the 101 guys being a lot different from us except that tactics were somewhat different because we were operating primarily in heavy mountain jungle, they were operating more at night in more open areas hiding during the day. I remember the marines were very interested in our montagnyard tribesmen as they had not worked with indigenous troops. The Cav was always heavily involved with the montagnyards and they were 100% trusted members of the unit.

Phil – not exactly. Most Cav LRRPS were neither airborne trained nor Ranger trained, we were simply volunteers either newly arrived in country or recruited from other units. On 1 Feb 1069 Co E 52nd Inf LRP was re-designated as H Co Rangers. At that moment LRRPs ceased to exist. Everyone in the unit was then considered to be and called a Ranger although they had never been to Ranger school.

At that time you had to be jump qualified to go to Ranger school, so all Ranger graduates were “Airborne Rangers”. In the newly formed units all members were officially Rangers but only a few who had graduated from Ranger school were permitted to wear RANGER tabs. When the unit rocker was designed it was decided to put Ranger over Airborne since all of the guys were officially RANGERS but very few were airborne trained. When guys left the unit they were no longer allowed to wear RANGER rockers on their uniforms unless they had been to RANGER school.

Some of the guys who were in the unit at the time express this by saying they went to sleep one night as LRRPS and woke up the next morning as RANGERS. The unit continued to be recruited from volunteers who were neither RANGER or Airborne trained for the most part, but since they were in a Ranger company they were rangers and could wear the RANGER AIRBORNE rocker as long as they were in the unit As the war went on the percentage of actual trained rangers in the unit probably increased as more became available, but the majority of the guys continued to be simply volunteers.

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