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Jul 15 10 3:21 PM

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Guy's & Girl's
   RIGHT! i'm back to kick arse & take name's! First of all Bob apologie's as I did try & phone ya back last night to let you know i was doing this email but you never answered.
   As you all know at the start of the year i dropped back on alot of my dutie's after my marriage break up. The plan being that i would hand over responsibility to someone so I could relax & get my head back together. That way hopefully i could come back at the end of the year & take another position within the group & carry on where I left off. Well I hate to say it but the grand experiment failed big time but i'm not gonna get into the where with all's of who, what & why suffice to say i feel mightly let down.
   In my capacity as an observer as such i've watched over the last 2 shows. I've noticed a general malaise starting to appear & a gradual decline in the standard's of the group. Which as one of the guys that started off the group has been painfull to watch so now i'm gonna act before it gets any worse.
   The main thing I have noticed is everyone seems to be pulling in different directions to the detriment of the group. My first aim will be to get everyone one the same page & get everyone pulling in the same direction. It's seems to me everyone has suddenly gone a bit poncy in that their more interested in looking good/cool in their gear than anything else. All we need now is people doing their man at C&A thumb through the belt loop pose & we'll be a right bunch of fag's. We started out as the Dirty Dozen, Bob's Heroe's, the fuck up's & the reject's & i want that back! Because it gave us that unique cameradarie where it was us against the world & we blazed a trail. I don't wanna bang on & on so i'm just gonna list a few thing's i'm gonna change.
1. Re-address the group rule's & standardise it in that one rule applie's to everyone!
2. Bring in yearly group passes so FNG's can have there I.D cards for weapon purchase from day 1 no waiting a year.
3. I want more grunts in the field if I upset someone by saying they can't wear there LRRP, MP, Sniper or whatever then sorry to bad this is first & foremost an Infantry group. With the view always being that if we have sufficient numbers or time we will let ya get ya gear on whatever it maybe & do your photo's or whatever.
4. I wanna see more rucks on patrol if i can carry a 50-60lb ruck around a show then i'm sure you ladies can fill yours with bubble wrap or jumpers & carry them round. We don't take you out for mile's or hr's on end we do make sure we put a cpl of water breaks in for a rest & we are aware that sometimes the weather get's bloody hot. If you have some injury or illness that stops you from patrolling then you will be expected to stay back & look after the display which is also not an excuse to dissapear down the beer tent.
5. This next one is a thorny one for me as I don't wanna stiffle people's suggestion's or idea's or complaints for that matter. But i've observed FNG's are coming into the group with far to much to say for themselve's. The unwritten rule that really never really had to be said to anyone is STOP, LOOK & LISTEN. I myself am not particulary interested in what group's, Institution's, Job's you did before you joined us. As is well known now we do things abit differently than most group's in that we're more relaxed than most. Which means to say people are liable to take the piss where & whenever possible. We like to hear idea's & suggestion's that you might have but that is all they are we might use em we might not the same goe's for any skill's you have outside the group.
6. Rubbish people are dumping it around the display & not putting it in bin's hence now i'm becoming the tramp of the group by going round picking up general trash & cigarette butts. I know the show's don't supply enough black sacks & bins but that dosen't excuse you from A. finding a bin & B. bringing a blacksack or 2 from home. I'm also working over the nxt wk & abit to try & get us some oversized backed bean can's to use to throw your cigarette butts in.
7. When there's work to be done I wanna see EVERYONE getting there hands dirty. If i'm there filling sandbags & humping them about I don't expect to see someone sitting outside their tent scratching their arse. You all like to get the benefit of using a goodlooking display so I don't expect dissapearing act's when it needs setting up or taking down.
8. As a follow on from the last one when you are required to do your shift on the display 10mins in a foxhole or on the gate before you get bored & go back to your tent doe's not constitute a shift. Likewise patrol's everyone will be going out injuries/illness permitting.
Thats the main gripe's out of the way for now. I don't need to tell you all that we hopefully have Rolando Salazar the veteran coming to see us at W&P & i want you guys on the ball & at the top of your game. He & other guys he know's did this for REAL & the last thing I want him to do when he goe's back to the states is tell em what a bunch of assholes we are.
                                      See you in the shit!

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Jul 16 10 12:01 PM

joe i know i aint with u lot now but all i want to say is ur da man u and phil bob are the best 3 men i have ever meet you. new guy these 3 men will look after u  i have treated bob as a dad and i am goin to miss him a lot i know it sounds gay but ur the best vietnam group out there so keep up the good work and show the gooks who is the boss i will come round and say hi and all that i still have my ruck for sell so have a good show dont get rex angry and this is feelings say good bye and thanks for the good years how u lot have good years too come i am out of here peace out

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