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Sep 27 10 12:41 PM

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Hey guys, fresh meat here. Was and the bunker last weekend and i met a few of you. Had a pretty awesome time even tho we didnt do much. Am looking into joining next year. Previously done WW2 but the group aint turned out as i expected. Too much cock and no balls. You guys seem like a group thats action shoot first ask questions later which is all GOOOD. I have all the basic kit and i can play the bugle and even know the calls. Hopefully i can be an asset to the gleaming persona the air cav have and put me to good use. Hopefully i can met more of you soon and get in the shit most ricky tick.

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Sep 27 10 3:03 PM

I have all the basic kit and i can play the bugle and even know the calls.


Hi James,

Glad to see you are joining my favorite Living History group next year. I thought you might like to check out this web site that has the U.S. Army bugle calls. There are other sites, but I like this one because it plays them in MP3 format and on Real Player:

When you mentioned the bugle, it caught my eye. One of the guys in our unit was entrusted when he was in Vietnam with the bugle that was recaptured by our guys from the NVA at the Ia Drang at LZ X-Ray. When you watch the movie, We Were Soldiers Once, they show it at the beginning when it is captured from the French and after the Ia Drang battle, when we recapture it.

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