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Oct 1 10 11:44 AM

Rolando - I had occasion to go to an armorer at camp evans for a minor replacement part for my m-14 the armorers work shops were all set up in a series of conex shipping containers. wouldnt make much of a display.

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Oct 1 10 11:50 AM

I always wanted to see the Battleship New Jersey up close got to watch it fireing out in the sea from a Mnt top out of Bong Son once - do you suppose Nick could make a life sized replica out of wood? That would sure be a crowed pleaser, don't know how you'd move it though

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Oct 1 10 11:57 AM

Well i'd like to build a full size aircraft carrier like the Intrepid, maybe we could all be Navy for a day! At least you'd be in keeping Nick, sat on the deck sipping mai tais! - Only kidding i like the fact that this has got people thinking - Like Bob says though the ideas will need work to becme a reality but i'm sure the odd thing or two might be introduced 


yeah and then make all the bad guy's walk the plank numbah 1 son.


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In Country

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Oct 4 10 10:37 AM

I ran across this picture I have of one of our camps in 1965-1966. It is appropriate to the discussion you were having about this year's displays. This picture shows why I thought your camp at War and Peace this year (in a smaller scale, of course) was authentic and reminded me of An Khe when I first arrived in Dec. 1966, including the barbed wire entrance with security, sandbag bunker and trench displays. You guys should be proud that you are recreating authentic scenes in your Living History group, especially on your "budget."

On another related subject, James asked me about the construction of a simple Vietnamese hooch. I found a picture of a Montagnard hooch we encountered on one of our patrols that might fit James' thoughts on building an A-frame type hooch which could easily be made, dismantled and discarded. It would obviously have to be smaller than this, but I think it might be something to kick around in your planning.

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#46 [url]

Oct 4 10 11:00 AM

I totally agree with Joe on this one we've had all these ideas before but they are heavily reliant on the man power pre show and post show to put them into practice something that isnt always there. We've done the OP one before and most recently at the bunker bash this year. As for the two trenches and pup tents it's worked for years and always got good feedback hell if it was that bad none of you new guys would of joined us would ya? We've got to remember that we are a grunt group first and foremost so we should keep it straight and to the point let Rolling Chunder do all the pretty stuff... although it would be nice to have a couple of mortar pits or even 155's on the display seing as though we are a firebase lol And if any millionares are reading this a working huey would fit into the whole Air Cavalry idea nicely...

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#50 [url]

Oct 4 10 12:21 PM

I just thought it might be a good look for a bit of a permanent fox-hole; next to the bunker type of thing.
Maybe chuck some twigs and leaves on it.
(Really I just want to justify buying 2 ponchos lol)

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#51 [url]

Oct 4 10 2:40 PM

Prepare to be amazed then. Better start calling me the magician then LOL Not at bunker cause steviet' idea sounds better for that(especially as its called bunker bash and its half set up and built) but W&P.

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#52 [url]

Oct 5 10 2:20 AM

I'm not being funny J but I presume you're an fng? Normally if fng's turn up to their first show's with a full and perfect kit list that is a good start...I'm all for new ideas etc but I also believe in the idea of walking before you run I would say get your first year out the way before you start running out and spending your money on(or pulling out of a hat) enough materials to build a full scale replica of the VC Platoon Village, Hue City, Adrian Cronauer's studio, Kurtz's Compound, or even Hamburger Hill....

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#54 [url]

Oct 5 10 3:13 AM

Thats cool bro and get what your saying but i got the lot really, kit wise, almost everything. I can get the materials for free and it wont hurt will it. I aint new to re-enacting and was in a group that done JACK ALL. And want to do more and i gotta lot to give (time and effort) and do usually run before i walk. I put my all in to whatever i do. Just wanna give and help the group in anyway i can. Gonna start the bugle next year too for the group which i hope you all enjoy. Well we can try right? No harm in that. But W&P im defenatly gonna do it. And if it pulls off and want to do bigger we can all discuss it. If thats cool with everyone else? Only suggestions is all

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Oct 9 10 3:51 PM

One new thing we defo having next year is MILLING for those of you who dont know what this is
when two guy's dont like each other instead of yakking behind each other's back's and
causing problem's they are given a pair of boxing glove's each we all make a ring round them and
let nature take it's course, the parachute regiment and SAS do this bare knuckle.


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#60 [url]

Oct 9 10 4:11 PM

kinda like that plan lol most army units do spar with each other one to keep themselfs fit but it allso works out that anger crap lol i know the rangers do it and the marines lol aslong as we had some sorta ref to stop it getting outa hand i dont see a prob with it

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