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Oct 1 10 7:37 AM

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Hi Guys
          Just flew in from the world to start my fist tour with UK AirCav and really looking forward to my first event.

I spoke and drank with a few of you at Detling and had a good chat with Bob and after 10 years in WWII am really fired up about stepping into the Nam years. Always had an interest in this stuff just never pursued it, even after 22 years in re-enactment.

I've started to get some gear together, Bob says he has some webbing a helmet and poncho and I've secured a jacket from ebay. Looking for trousers and boots and I will have the basics, then it will be a case of fleshing out the details, any advice would be good.

Anyway looking forward to meeting up with you all at some point.


p.s. I kinda know Paul O'Rourke but wait until you meet me before you judge me. wink

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Oct 2 10 11:55 AM

haha ur the guy i met in the beer tent at detling then lol hehe awesome to have ya join dude


When a bloke starts a sentance with that you expect to use one of two replys,

Hey how are you let me get you a pint smile 

or was I suposed to know she was married surprise 

I hope your the former. Thanks for the welcome guys will be in contact about gear in the near future I'm sure.

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Oct 2 10 5:29 PM

pmsl sooo true lol hmmm let me think ... i think i will go with the first one myself lol
any way good to have ya in the group, will see ya soon i am sure

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