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Nov 3 10 8:58 AM

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It's towards that time of year.....
Bob mentioned that pub in Kent (possibly Chatham) that's run by the re-enactor fella for a do.
What say you all and wjhen should it be?

Come on boy's Christmas comes but once a year.......

Ho Ho Hogrin

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Nov 4 10 5:54 AM

i would not worry guy's no one seem's interested so i ain't gonna bother
wot a boring load of bastard's we have in this group oh well.


I spoke to Graham and it turns out there was an email i didn't receive, might be my computer or just the joys of the internet but the last email i got from Bob was regarding a Detling - i think its my ISP is crap.

Anyway like i said if i can make it i will make it

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Nov 4 10 5:13 PM

Common boys, christmas and a little drinky poo's for good measure. Dont wanna seem like all the other boring groups (tho by god we aint) someones gotta be up for a razz?!?!?!
we aint marines but oooo rah

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Nov 6 10 1:16 AM

Not really gonna be possible for me. 2nd baby due 15th November and going out for a drink in london means a long drive, a costly stop over & a big hangover lol plus just dont have the time at the moment

Hope you all have a good one though

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