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Nov 22 10 9:01 AM

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As discussed with many of the WW2 re-enactors at the Ardennes battle in Oct I have started the construction and organisation for the Vietnam tactical at Spanby.
The scenario will be based upon the events in the A Shau Valley.
I will be constructing a main firebase off the main drag to include latrines,TOC, and bar including motown music. The idea being you get out of your car and walk to the main firebase area for briefing before you are dropped into the boonies.
I will be constructing the SF firebase within the forest that you will have to hump to and relieve this will have a comms bunker,command HQ,defensive trenches and bunkers and will be one of the main operating points within the "jungle".
I will also be constructing various locations some manned,some not of VC/NVA tunnel and bunker systems - again at various locations on site for you to come across on the patrol sweep.
We will be utilising the WHOLE site to give us a realistic patrol area and we could be hit at any time by enemy forces.

This event is advertised on the following forums:wwii,, 101st Ranger LRRP Vietnam,Delta to the DMZ,Vietnam re-enactment UK.
Please post interest on here and by pm

Ranger Re-enactments

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In Country

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Nov 22 10 11:22 AM


This sounds like an interesting project. I will keep my eyes open for any postings you make concerning your progress and will let my D-2/7 comrades here in the U.S. know what you are planning.  I am sure they will be impressed by the news, just as they are when I tell them about the UK Air Cav group's activities.


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Nov 22 10 11:45 AM

This sounds interesting fritz, do you have any idea on prices as of yet? I'm a student, so I can't really afford too much you see, but I'd love to give this a go if I had the chance.

Also, would it be an Airsoft battle of a Blank battle?

Thanks, and welcome to the Forum!


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Nov 22 10 1:50 PM

Hi Rolando got your email thanks - you should have my email address with my reply. I will certainly keep you posted!!
Steve this will be done using LIVE weapons and I don't mean 8mm Jager replicas. We will be using 5.56 M16A1's,M60s and the enemy will have a mix of AK's,SKS.RPD etc etc.Obviously when I say live I mean blank (live would be a bit too realistic).
The costing is 30 quid for the weekend this covers the site fee,armourers license fee,pyrotechnics (smoke,arty,flash grenades etc).
Weapons hire is 75 quid for the weekend icl 100 rds of ammo (5.56 is 25 per 100 thereafter).
You don't have to hire a weapon - you can bring your own and just join in the experience if you so wish. i usually discount the heavy weapons so for example 2 of you can go 50/50 on a 30cal with 400 rds for 75quid each (hire is normally 220).
Don't be put off by weapons hire at a WW2 show the lads hire em and get to use em for 20 minutes each day - we will be having ours all the time we are tactical - "in country". I will also provide weapons handling training for those who have never worked with the real thing.
What you do is entirely up to you but do come along if only for the experience - we have quite a few units chalked up for this - I will make it an event you will not forget!!
Now where can I get a huey!!!!!

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Nov 23 10 4:46 AM

Hi Chris
         I would be interested in this, have done some during my time with WWII maybe at one of your events so this would be good. I don't battle so much these days so the occasional tactical makes up for it. Who is doing the weapons hire & will there be a need to register with them?

      If any of you have never done anything like this then give it a go as it is a great crack.


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Nov 24 10 4:32 AM

Hi Paul John Oxlade is doing the weapons hire so you will need to book in with him his number (hireandfire) is 07769702781. As you may or may not be aware John did the weapons for Full Metal Jacket and these weapons were used in that film!!!!!
Steve if money is an option come as support we can find a role (I need an RTO!!) and you will still be experiencing the battle!!!!

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Nov 24 10 4:40 AM


I was just going to post this up on here, but my mukka Fritz has beaten me too the line.

This is a great site, we've done a couple of battles here (very easy to get lost and disorentated for that real life feel. We used approximately half the site but I belive we are opening the other half up for the Vietnam battle so new territory for all. We are looking to develop the site as we go along with some permanent features as well as the foxholes nad bunkers that we've scrapped out to date.

I will be there as a AATV advisor with USSF (apparently) Hopefully taking a pusedo Skippy and an SLR for my sins..

Going Loud and Proud!

Tony aka Hotchpotch

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Nov 24 10 4:49 AM

It sounds great, but £100 is a little outn of my reach at the moment, so I may need to pass on this one and go for the next one.
Hope you guys have fun!



As Chris says, Hiring a weapon is not compulsory, if you have a Jaeger or Blank 9mm Colt thats fine or just bring your deac to the party, all are welcome!

All I will say is once you hear the sound of that 5.56, 7.62 and 7.92 cracking away, you'll wanna join in!



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Nov 24 10 1:53 PM

That's oddly lucky, I happen to be an RTO for the 1st Squad here. I may have a Jager 9mm by the time this goes ahead, but that's not a hundred per-cent yet, but this really does sound like fun! I'll see about lifts first before I commit.

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In Country

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Nov 24 10 2:55 PM

Chris asked me for some examples of signs that troopers would make in Vietnam so that he can get ideas for making his Vietnam tactical at Spanby as realistic as possible.
I made some copies from my web site for him and I thought you guys might like to see them, too.
Here is a pic of a sign that some of the guys made when our company went in to Khe Sanh to relieve the Marines.  It says “Khe Sanh. Under new management. Delta Co. 2/7 Cav.”  It was published in Life magazine in 1968.
This is me in front of my hootch at LZ Betty with sign painted on walls made from ammo boxes that says, “D Co. 2/7, FTA”  (It was painted by a former occupant and FTA meant “F**k the Army.”)
We were at Song Mao for a couple of weeks pulling guard duty at the airfield.  It was a landing strip put together by the Army engineers made of steel tarmac which would accommodate supply planes like the C-130.  They had this sign which said “Welcome to Song Mao International Airfield, Constructed by Co. B, 87th Engr Bn (Const).”  It was hardly an INTERNATIONAL airfield unless you counted Australian gooney birds, South Vietnamese planes and Air America puddle hoppers landing, in addition to the U.S. Air Force planes and Army helicopters.
This road dead-ended.  They had put up a sign that read, “This road goes nowhere but 3rd Platoon of Charlie Company, 38th Engineer Battalion (Combat) built it.”
The “Mess Hut” at LZ Bartlett had a sign that said, “Building Permit. Johnson City, Andrews Hall.”  Probably referring to the ammo box construction and the town and name of the guy or guys who built it. They also had decorations for Christmas and New Years and a small tree or bush.
Our battalion headquarters at LZ Betty (Phan Thiet) had a sign in front with a list of campaigns that the battalion was engaged in up until 1967. It says Garry Owen over the door and Quon Cai, Ia Drang, Bong Son !, Cai Dong Mt., Bong Son II, Tuy Hoa, Cay Bong, Pleiku, Phan Thiet.
At LZ Bartlett which was at the top of a mountain, an Artillery unit was always stationed there.  We would stay at that camp between patrols. A sign at the chopper pad read, “Welcome to LZ Bartlett, Home of 1/21st Arty – Engnrs., Garry Owen Mtn Resort. R&R Center.”

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Nov 25 10 4:24 AM

Nice one great, great Photos and think we'll have a few ideas brewing for the US CP etc.

Spoke to Chris (Fritz) last night and we'll hopefull come up with a few surprises for all those coming!



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Nov 25 10 5:17 AM

this might be handy
Attachment: L_BP138BoysTown.bmp (696.0KB)


Thanks for all the ideas to add to our own - tho I think the last ones we'll have to restrict to the local ville and I can't see the locals at Spanby offering naked body massage!!!!!
JJ is right tho we have a few "surprises" up our sleeve.

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Nov 25 10 11:56 AM

Haha, it'll go nicely with my other Hippy slogans

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