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Nov 25 10 12:06 PM

Blimey Stevie had you not heard FTA before? It goes hand in hand with SNAFU, FUBAR and LBFM!
Which is "Situation Normal, All F**ked Up", "F**ked Up Beyond All Recognition" and in reference to the local "Little Brown F**king Machines"

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Nov 30 10 10:11 AM

I think this sounds like a fantastic weekend and very reasonably priced to boot, I'll definately be there, PLUS it's only 100 miles for me so compared to most shows just 90 minutes down the road!

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Dec 1 10 4:30 AM

I'm glad you guys are getting excited about this, it's always a risk to put on an event but either ways Me and Chris are thinking up stuff to get you all in the mood/panic/fear!! lol


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Dec 1 10 5:33 AM

Guys one thing thats been in any army a looooong time is how to bitch and gripe. Funny I remember a lot of gripes/words etc were the same in the British army as they were in the US army and I picked up a lot when I was on exchange and they in turn caught on over here!!!! But remember gripes go up never down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (That would be called KP in the States or jankers over here either way bollockings go down!!!!!!!!!!!)
My personal favourite from the 'Nam era (which still continues today in the US army) is F**k it drive on doan mean a thing!!! (or thang - dependant on which State you hail from!!).
Anyway thanks for the support guys I really do intend to put one mean action on for us got some working field radios sorted thre other day so we should be able to hear each other when we're getting hit - remember if you can't talk son just click the handset twice!!!!
Start thinking about booking your weapons in by February with John if you need em (bit early yet) remember we have a range of 16's,M1 carbines,Thompsons 0n 45 (great for advisor and loud),M60,Ak's,PPsh,SKS,Moisin nagant,RPD etc so lots of firepower and i will be seeing the explosives guys for smokes,flash,bangs and see if I can rig up some claymores and booby traps.
remember your pistols and torches there is a tunnel network to find and there isn't much room!!!!!!
Hope your all lovin the snow!!!! Not best wishes for the Happy season if I don't speak to you before and look forward to a great New Year!!!
cheers for now

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Jan 4 11 12:29 PM


First working weekend on firebase/VC tunnels/camps is Sat Jan 15th please pm for details anybody welcome to get down and dirty/recce the site

Scenario to follow,

US units,VC and NVA to pm me with numbers in the first instance.
Numbers already booked from the WW2 forums.
Any questions please ask as 4 months is not far away!!!!!

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Jan 14 11 12:41 PM

Steve this can be as cheap or expensive as you want to make it mate - we all muck in and we have plenty of roles mate!!!

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Feb 7 11 3:16 PM

Latest update guys this is from 3 weeks ago when we first started the comms bunk at the SF base -digging by hand and we still had 4 feet to go through clay! This weekend will see the roof reinforced and sanbagged, the entrance completed and sandbagged and the start of the defensive trench around it. The other guys are concentrating on the perimeter posts and mortar/arty pits!!! Will keep the pics coming!!!

Click here to view the attachment

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Feb 8 11 2:56 AM

Very important note to anyone attending you need to notify John Oxlade of the weapons you wish to hire for the event. I know Jay has the forms but please get what you require in to him asap as these weapons will go fast!!! He has M16's,Ak,s,M1 carbines,Thompson Smg's, RPK,PPsh (I,ve already got the M60 booked) he can be contacted on E-Mail:
Please also then post your numbers and weaponry on here.
More pics and details to follow
This has gone out to all groups concerned so don't miss out on your choice of weapon!!

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Feb 11 11 6:21 AM

HELLO Fritz ,
are you going to have more pic up. I  going to try big to come to it, i`m going to talk with Ross to see if we can go with SOG cos look big time COOL grin and fun too, we will talk on the phone soon i will txt you m8 if yes or no but look is yes for nowgrinand yes i will be VC for you m8 be knife with medevil
love H xxheart

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#38 [url]

Feb 11 11 10:23 AM

Thanks Hadeel will be good to see you and Ross again. Scared of coming up against you with your VC knife!!!!!!!!

Just a quick one guys - Personal weapons ARE allowed as long as they are legal and you follow the usual safety guidelines for tacticals. I know some of you have the Jagers, and wouldn't have thought it unusual for Chaz to use ex Russian Moisin nagants (for those of you who have FAC's).
John has got a wide range of weapons that would fit the theatre M16's,AK's,RPD's, M60,PPsh's not unusual to see M1 carbines and I have seen a photo of SOG with a thompson M1a1!!

The costing is 30 quid for the weekend (which covers the land rental,pyrotechnics,insurance etc etc) plus your weapon hire (if you need one) which is normal for any era tac event (I know John has tried to keep his costs for weapons and ammo the same and I haven't put up the registration fee in 2 years).

I understand that some of you are students and have tight budgets - I do this as a hobby for re-enactors like myself (and I have a low paid job) so I save for 2 tacs a year and then attend the usual shows. You don't have to hire a weapon we have guys who just bring a deac or airsoft - you can still participate in a full immersion living history weekend there is always a role for you.

Our lot,VC/NVA units, Marine recon, and the 101st guys have booked their weapons (those who need 'em) please post up if you are likely to be attending from the Air Cav and email John Oxlade if you need to. For those of you who are wanting to set up NDP's after dark (which is most of us!) if you want to bring your airsoft weapons with "tracer rounds" that should look spectacular along with the bangs and surprises I can put on for you!!!!
names on the list please guy's 
Thanks to Aircav bosses for supporting this - remember we do this for each other!!
more pics after this weekend 

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#39 [url]

Feb 11 11 11:46 AM

grin lol lol my LT Tom he will call you cos he want to do it he do ww2 but he have NVA kit
 And VC toogrinor please call Ross wen you can Chris, or my friend James he will come to if is ok,
be good and we will have fun big timedevilheartgrin
Love Hadeel

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