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Feb 15 11 10:12 AM

That's looking downright nice. All it needs are some candles inside and it's adequately 'Nam'd!

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Feb 15 11 10:36 PM

Very impressed with your hole in the ground! I can see a lot of work has gone into that, well done guys.

But can someone answer me a riddle, why is it that any time anyone digs a hole at any UK event, it's always clay?????? 
Are UK events specially chosen to be on clay soil? Is it some cosmic force at play? Always clay.

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#43 [url]

Feb 16 11 4:43 AM

Well, most of the UK has a clay subsoil. Other than that some Sand and occasionally Gravels or a mix.
Having worked in construction for the best part of 20 years, Clay may be the hardest to dig out, but it is the most stable. If this had been in normal UK sands or gravels you'd have been hard pressed to keep the thing from collapsing and you'd have probably have had to move twice as much material.
Saying that, it was hard enough to dig due to its combination of hardness and stickness (oh-err, missus)
Good job there Chris!

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In Country

Posts: 182

#44 [url]

Feb 16 11 1:57 PM

Those bunkers look great, Chris.  Much nicer than the ones we made.  T.W., I don't know if the soil is always clay when one is digging a bunker or foxhole in the U.K. or anywhere else, I just know it is ALWAYS hard!

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#45 [url]

Feb 17 11 8:21 AM

Thanks guys - yes Rolando I agree digging is always hard and filling,stacking sandbags much harder!!!
And they haven't let in any water so we must have got our drainage right!!
I have a few days off from work now so will be up at site on Tues/weds overnight and the following Sat/Sun where the gameplan is perimeter trench,2 man positions,mortar/arty pit and observation tower for the 60 (or 30). Please let me know Rolando if you were using 30 cals in Vietnam in an infantry role?
Anybody want a site visit recce more than welcome - you can even have a beer by the braziers and candles!!!!
Cheers for now

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In Country

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#46 [url]

Feb 17 11 5:14 PM

I was in mortars so our platoon didn't carry machine guns.  As I recall, the line platoons used the M60, although I think we also used .30 cal. machine guns.  If you need a more definite answer, I can ask some of the guys who were in the rifle platoons. Also, Dave Shows might be able to comment on here, too.

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#47 [url]

Feb 17 11 6:52 PM

I am far from an expert in this but don't think the US was still using any of the WW2 30 cals, Although I wouldnt be surprised if they were in use by ROK and ARVN troops and of course if the VC or NVA had any they would certainly put them to use. The M60 (thich is a .30 cal technicaly measuring .308 the same as the 30/06 round used in the Browning .30") was the only light machine gun I saw fielded by US troops.

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#48 [url]

Feb 18 11 4:27 AM

I think the 30 cal was still used in Vietnam, but it's use was pretty much restricted to the Navy, so would probly be seen on RPBs and the like. These were rechambered and designated as the M21 mod 0.

They had modified inner barrels that protrudded outside the heat shield and could be fed from either the left or right side with 7.62 Nato.

'Go Wikipedia'

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#49 [url]

Feb 18 11 11:09 AM

Can we have your sub's please those of you yet to pay dont forget if you
have not payed by the end of the month you will not be doing ANYTHING
with this group this year  NO EXCEPTION'S so flash yer cash and attend the bash.


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#50 [url]

Feb 18 11 11:15 AM

Oh and although i am sick of telling folk this it has reared it's head again
this is a Cav group not SOG,LRRP'S, RECON, you join this group as a grunt
and have to do at least one full season as such before YOU MAY be invited to join the LRRP
team which is at Phil Hall's discretion you have to earn that right.


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#54 [url]

Feb 24 11 4:32 AM

HAHAHA yeah you could be right mate well next year although i wont be collecting
the sub's i think we gonna tatoo the detail's on their butt's so they dont forget them.


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#55 [url]

Feb 24 11 5:47 AM

Right now you're all keeping Bob happy with your group subs can I have an indication of which Air Cav/LRRP guys are going? I will need to allocate billet areas and roles for your unit for the scenarios soon to be posted you will also need to let me know if you need a weapon and if so what type so we can give your request and forms to the armourer (101st,marines,SOG and ASAS have already sorted theirs). I can sympathise with you Bob its hard enough getting group numbers for events as well as chasing them up for subs.
This weekend will see the completion of the observation tower at the firebase and the Arty pits.
warning order for tactical to follow.
All the best Chris

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#56 [url]

Feb 24 11 1:54 PM

Bob,Joe and guys

Details of the coming tactical battle in May as promised - If you need copies of the weapons hire forms (unless your bringing your own) that need to be filled in and emailed back to John Oxlade at Hire and fire (101st,SOG,VC,NVA,Marines and our own Sf group have done theirs) please email me or Joe  Air cav Lt (who has a copy).

Cost of the event is 30 gbp - includes site fee,pyro,insurance etc etc

Weapons hire (if not bringing your own) is 80 gbp for the weekend for AK 100 gbp weekend for M16 including 100 rds, subsequent 100 rds can be purchased from John around 30 quid mark.
This is the usual price for a weekend tactical and both myself and John haven't put our prices up in 2 years (thats doing the WW2 battles). He also has various other weapons if you prefer - M1 carbines,thompsons etc.

The scenario is loosely based on the attack of the SF base in the A Shau Valley in 1966

A brief history.....

The A Shau Valley-in Vietnam's Thua Thien province, west of the city of Hue along the border with Laos. The valley was one of the key entry points into South Vietnam for men and matériel brought along the Ho Chi Minh trail by the communist forces and was the scene of heavy fighting during the Vietnam War.

The A Shau Special Forces Camp was located in the A Shau Valley, about 30 miles (50 km) southwest of Huế. It was strategically important for the North Vietnamese Army as a major infiltration route because it was adjacent to the Ho Chi Minh trail. Defending the camp were Green Berets and South Vietnamese Civilian Irregular Defense Group, supported by air units. The Battle of A Shau SF camp started in 1966

The camp was routinely harassed by small Viet Cong formations leading up to the battle. Throughout February and March, platoon-sized troops from the camp were often sent out to conduct reconnaissance patrol and were prepared to destroy any suspected enemy position in the surrounding area. On March 5, two defectors from the North Vietnamese Army turned up at the camp. Under interrogation, they indicated that four battalions from the North Vietnamese 325th Division were planning to attack the camp. On March 7, the A Shau camp was reinforced with U.S. special forces personnel, interpreters and a Mike Force Company in anticipation of the North Vietnamese attack. The attack on the Special Forces Camp began during the early hours of March 9 with mortar bombardment. Upon the request of the detachment commander, at 13:00 an AC-47D "Spooky 70" from the 4th Air Commando Squadron, circling the camp, managed to attack North Vietnamese formations but was shot down and crashed about five kilometers north of the camp. All six crewmen survived the crash, but were attacked by NVA troops. Three crewman were killed but the other three were eventually rescued by a USAF HH-43. Also present but never declared was a small detachment of Marines. Marine Scout/Snipers from the 3rd Battalion 9th Marines. No reported casualties or recovered Marines were ever listed.

Supplies of ammunition were flown in, but the resupply drops often landed outside of the camp and could not be retrieved. At the same time, helicopters were called in to evacuate the wounded. Additional reinforcements from Hue and Phu Bai could not be deployed because of the bad weather, so the camp's defenders repaired their defences as well as they could and dug in for the night.

On the morning of March 10, the North Vietnamese Army launched another attack with mortar and recoiless rifle fire. At 05:00 an assault team penetrated the east of the camp, where hand-to-hand combat took place for three hours. By 08:00 the defenders had withdrawn to the camp's north side. Throughout the day airstrikes strafed North Vietnamese positions around the camp, but as fighting continued the situation deteriorated with ammunition supplies running short. As a result, a decision was made to evacuate all personnel.

The camp was officially closed at 17:45 and finally overrun by enemy troops. In the aftermath of the battle the United States suffered heavy casualties on the ground: 5 killed and 12 wounded. Further losses were suffered during the evacuation efforts.

We will be launching search and destroy and intel gathering patrols whilst being probed and ambushed by NVA/VC units.This will run from 0700 Sat morning thru til Sun afternoon - you will be expected to prepare NDP's and pull your stint on watch.

If this event is a success we will continue to run Vietnam themed events with both live and airsoft weapons continuing the battles for the A Shau and other battles in the history of the Vietnam war.

Any queries please get in touch



07971 560249

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#59 [url]

Mar 10 11 9:18 AM

If anyone has (by any small chance) checked on here recently I'm still waiting on Aircav approx numbers - does not need to be firm but I will need a rough idea.(These ops take planning!!!)
US forces at the moment are looking at about 30+(confirmed from other groups) VC at about 20.
A group email has been sent by Joe for those who do not visit the site forum that often.
I will also need to know who will be the unit OC for the operation so that you can liase with the other headsheds etc(will it be Joe or Bob or another nominated member).

Dont be shy - I don't bite - often!!!!!

I am contactable here,
email, forum, forum,
101st Rangers forum,
Delta to the DMZ forum
and by good old telephone 07971560249
Please remember that these are events put on BY re-enactors FOR re-enactors - we like most of you have been doing this a long time and now how to do it properly. If roughing it in the field is not your bag then thats OK no problem - just let me know!!!!

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#60 [url]

Mar 11 11 8:35 AM

Looking forward to my first babtisum of fire!,weekend away patrolling with a full auto M16A1,can't wait!grin 

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