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Apr 3 11 11:23 AM

Updated photos so far of the "in country" FB showing bunker entrance and defensive trench,one of the covered "L" defensive positions and the observation tower which we have put a cam net over to deter unwanted attention close to the event. Still awaiting definate names from AirCav - after a long conversation with Bob he says you should have all got the email.Names as soon as you can please

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Apr 4 11 4:15 PM

Just awesomesurprise,to coin a frase,roll on May!,looking forward to meeting everyone from all the other Nam units,just glad to be part of ,what seems like it will be  potencially a very special event

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Apr 6 11 12:17 AM

Oh and remember you are not just limited to M16's and Ak's whether portraying VC/NVA or US carbines,bolt actions even thompsons - John has anything that goes bang!!!!


US Forces regularly used M1 Carbines, Thompsons and M14's. Some old hands I'm sure would prefer to use heavy load to the Varmit round of the M16. All adds to the mix, I hope I'm not the only one packing 7.62?

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#64 [url]

Apr 11 11 8:41 AM

Well the firebase is now complete and scenarios drawn up - will post some final pics once we've finished working on the rest of the site.  Thanks for Joe for putting the emails out to the group and thanks to the 3 guys who have kindly answered re attendance.(Don't know how many members you have or who regularly visit the forum or read their emails!!)
So far we have about approx 30 US and 20 VC which is fantastic for a section 5 tactical at a relatively new site. Thanks to the small group of guys who came and still continue to come to work their nuts off to make the place look as real as possible for all the re-enacting groups involved.
I will post up directions nearer the event time any other troopers wishing to attend by all means do it's always good to have a natter and share ideas with other groups.
My contact details are on here if anyone needs them 
Hope to see some of you soon - just wouldn't be the same without the Cav!!

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#66 [url]

Apr 12 11 12:38 PM

You can hire live weapons from the sec 5 armourer,bring your own blankfirers or if you just want the experience bring a non firer - as I,ve said before plenty of roles for all - firing or not.

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Apr 13 11 10:17 AM


A Shau valley Vietnam Battle 06/07/08 MAY 2011 - SPANBY LINCS 


Nearest Sat Nav location is NG34 0AT this will take you to highfields country retreat the woods are located just past Spanby village which is about 1/2 mile up from here on the right.
Event will be signposted on the main A15/A52 roundabout,on mareham lane near the turning to Spanby and at the entrance to the location itself.Go through the village (please drive slowly) and after the last houses their is a track on your right which leads to the forest.

From the main A1 follow signs for Grantham and take the A52 towards Boston. At the roundabout linking the A15/A52 go straight over for about a mile you will come to a crossroads marked THREEKINGHAM right and SLEAFORD/HIGHFIELDS COUNTRY RETREAT left. Go LEFT follow Mareham lane past HIGHFIELDS and take the road to SPANBY which will be on your right (careful the turning is on a bend) follow the road through the village and you will come to the final event sign. If you get to a white farmhouse you have gone too far! Signs will be marked A SHAU.


The scenario for our weekend is loosely based on the events leading upto and including the attack and eventual overrunning of the SF base in the Southern A Shau Valley. Although we can never hope to acheive an historically correct battle we hope to acheive:
a:) a visually,typographic,seasonal area that participants can experience in some way the conditions and type of warfare that was carried out during the spring of 1966.
b:) Allows re-enactors of most units to participate and experience a small amount of tactical warfare in as near as we can make it environment and scenario.

Our scenarios draw their knowledge from experiences encountered in the A Shau Valley throughout 1966.

This exercise is not a blatt fest there are strict rulings and objectives to be met and overcome. Team participation between all units is paramount for safety at this event.

Dress/Site rules

All units to operate as they would as if it were spring in 1966,US - jungle greens for all infantry units, tiger stripe for SF,LRRP and ARVN as would fit the time frame. M56 webbing rigged up to your MOS/role.
Personal hygiene was strictly under scrutiny in Vietnam - experienced NCO's would jump on cherries for not being shaven and keeping the body (especially the feet) as clean as possible as circumstances permitted so yes you would shave (the mind set being a soldier who doesn't look after himself - doesn't look after his kit - so is a liabilty to the rest of the unit).

Your hooches will be located within the main FSB and further personnel at the A Shau SF base. VC/NVA units to make a camp in one of their 4 known locations to operate from.
Pup tents, VC will use period tentage camouflaged.Their is space in some of the large tentage at RIPCORD but will be on a first come first served basis.

You will be operating out of the "in country" FB, platoon/squad leaders to organise RTO's in the comms bunker and carry out search and destroy as well as intel gathering missions.
Personnel must be rotated to man defensive positions at the FB as well as on patrol.

From Saturday morning both sides are considered tactical. Chow down by all means after a patrol or whilst at the FB but put out security - if contact occurs drop what you are doing and deal with the threat - I cannot stress enough that I want this as real as possible don't get caught with yer pants down!!!!! VC units have been given carte blanche to roam freely and attack/ambush at any time from anywhere so expect it not to be as peaceful as you think!!
Remember light and noise restrictions at positions and place your security.

There are no facilities at this site apart from an abundance of firewood!!!
There are some realistic latrines made for "emergencies" remember to p**s in the tubes made up or behind a convenient tree away from fighting /sleeping positions I cannot burn excess liquids in the thunderboxes so use common sense. 
There is no water on site bring full canteens with you and I have bottled water to top up unit water supplies.
Bring whatever rations you can eat out of a tin or heat up over a brazier (personally I eat 20 Marlboros whilst battling so no probs there!!)

Personal weapons are allowed as per usual rules with correct certification etc.

bangs and smokes are allowed just remember your safety rules which will be reiterated at the battle brief.

Police up all your rubbish we do not have the facilities to dispose of rubbish at the site. If it burns burn it,if its food bury it,if its bottles and tins bag it and take it!
Yes you may have a beer at night however be aware of your guard rotations and anyone deemed unfit will not be issued a weapon and will not battle for their own and everyone elses safety.

I'll say this again as I have done at all the events:
I do not want to hear oi you behind the tree,oi Yank I got you
oi Charlie take your f***in hits!!
ITS VERY SIMPLE - keep it real if your target is teflon or genuinely doesn't realise he has been hit MOVE ON don't waste your ammo. You are coming to have a great experience not to get stressed out by hissy fits!!!!
Remember if this was real war you keep noise to a minimum.

SCENARIO all timings fluid

Friday from 12:00 Set up (We will have units set up from then report to registration tent on arrival).
Please see parking marshalls and report to armoury (if you have hired a weapon) and then to the CP Registration tent/marshalling area.
Once registered you will be directed to the US or NVA area.This will be your base for the weekend. 
Friday evening 1900 section leaders brief in the TOC (VC/NVA included -do not worry if you are not there until early sat we will hold a second one prior to the main battle brief).
Followed by a few beers with some motown (its my birthday - yes I'm battling on my birthday!!) in the TOC where everyone can get aquainted with old and new faces.

Sat: from 07:00 draw weapons
08:00 section leaders brief
08:30 main battle brief -objectives and distribution of call signs for RTO's 
(NVA/VC leaders to brief enemy units at VC site)
09:00 SF units to be in position at FB.
09:15 Infantry/LRRP/Marine units to move out from RIPCORD to RV at A Shau SF base.

Once all US units have linked up at SF base security is to be reinforced - squads to rest up whilst section leaders coordinate personnel for patrols.(you will all get plenty of chance for patrolling section leaders to ensure that a security team is manning the FB at all times).
Patrols move out on intel gathering, H and I of enemy.

Both sides try and get prisoners if fire is not too intense.
US objectives are to locate VC camps/weapons stores
VC objectives are to constantly probe the camp (for weakness), ambush patrols and ghost away.infiltrate the camp with sappers and blow the main CP.

We will stay tactical until dark (when section 5 weapons will have to be stored in armoury) however personnel wishing to carry out night ops, NDP's etc can do so with personal weapons (most of the VC portray German for WW2 so please bring your k98's,Mp40's etc if you want to ambush at night) I will be bringing my trusty garand.
We will have parachute flares for illum at night. But we will discuss this on Friday as it gets bloody dark in that forest!!!!

Night guard please rotate your men accordingly. There will be patrols from both sides operating to try and capture men from forward security positions throughout the night. There will be flare and firearm activity as necessary.

Sun from 07:00 draw weapons (if hired)
08:00 section leaders brief
08:30 Stand to both sides.
US units to carry on with aggressive patrolling to clear out enemy units within the area.
VC units to continuing ambush,probe and assault of the FB.

The exercise is deemed complete when all VC forces are deemed incapacitated or taken prisoner OR the FB is overrun.
Endex 13:00 hrs ish

Please note that the pyro (mortar attacks) is going to be up close and personal so if its your positions being shelled - keep your head down in your foxhole/trench.
VC have put up trip wires/booby traps (they will shock you but not harm you!!)

Costing is 30 gbp per head for the weekend.
Please ensure you have brought all documentation needed for weapon hire.
Please ensure you register upon arrival for site safety purposes.
Any questions please contact me
07971 560249

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In Country

Posts: 182

#68 [url]

Apr 13 11 10:43 AM


All the pictures look great and I can see it has taken a lot of effort to build and organize all of this. Thanks for keeping me in the loop and for posting everything on here. I am sure that those who participate will get a good indication of what it was like.

I don't think I would want to be an active participant myself, but I would surely like to visit, tour and observe all the activities, if I were there.

Best of luck to all of you.  I hope you meet all of your goals and objectives. I know my UK 7th Cav protagonists will be a credit to my unit as they always are.

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#69 [url]

Apr 14 11 7:42 AM

Thankyou for your kind words Rolando - perhaps one day you will be able to come and visit in fact I'm sure my group could organize something for you cost included for the near future. Many thanks for all your advice which has been taken on by the other groups as well connected with this event.
Best wishes to you and your family and the members of your unit - hope we do you proud.
All the very best

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#70 [url]

Apr 23 11 10:19 AM

Last call for personnel - please see previous warning order for instructions. 101st,Marines,LRRP's,ASAS,SOG and Mortar unit are already awaiting transport to the advance FSB!!! The VC/NVA numbers keep increasing!!!

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#72 [url]

May 5 11 9:24 AM

Right I am offline as of now so any queries phone me or text me I will be on site from 12:30 tommorrow update actual wood satnav location is NG34 0JB!!!
See you in country!!

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#73 [url]

May 15 11 1:06 AM

Well a cracking weekend,great first event at this site solid tactical from first thing Sat! Many thanks to all the guys who turned up both US and VC and worked impressively well together. Big thanks to the team from 101st who pulled our asses out of the fire on some really heavy contacts!! Shame not to see many Cav there - we had 5 turn up but I believe only one of them was from your group - but they did themselves proud and it was nice to see another unit represented.
I have been bombarded with phone calls to organise another one so will be ruunning with weekend of 6th August so that we are fully recovered from War and Peace.
Few pics from the event out of 500 or so....

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