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Jan 8 11 12:23 PM

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Hello everyone

I'd like to introduce myself. I am 49 years old, I've been into Living History for a while now, most of that re-enacting WW2 101st Airborne. However, being passionate about all history inevitably I find myself drawn to the Vietnam and Korean conflicts as well. 

I've met some of you guys before at Bunker Bash last year, indeed I remember giving some of you a lift round the site in my Jeep.
Hopefully I'll meet you again soon, you seem a friendly bunch.

Tom Webster
AKA Tango Whisky

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Jan 9 11 8:52 AM

Thanks for the welcome guys!

Tell me, what units do you ACTIVELY portray at events? do you also have active members portraying PAVN or VC? 
Also what are your key or core events for 2011?

As I may have mentioned my main impression is WW2 but myself and at least two others from my group, are interested in Vietnam and it would be superb if we could latch on to you guys for the odd event, if that would be acceptable to you. I know some of us have been quietly collecting Viet Nam kit. In fact I recently sold a pair of model 1 jungle boots on Ebay as I simply hadn't used them in literally decades (I did a Viet Nam impression way back in the early to mid 80's), which caused me to think it might be interesting to become "active" again.

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Jan 9 11 11:32 AM

Hey Tom

Only updated the front page about 5 minutes before i put the post on. If you scroll down on the sites mainpage you will see the dates & links to the shows info.



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Jan 9 11 12:11 PM

Hi Tom and welcome from another WW2 convert - hope to see you maybe at the Tac battle in May

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Jan 9 11 3:01 PM

Hi J,
Got it now thanks. I'll certainly see you guys at Bunker Bash again but only to say hi (see below). The Military and Flying Machines show looks good might see you there. W&P, I'll be in the states. MO : I never miss that show!!

I wouldn't say I'm a convert from WW2, that is still where my core interest lies, I'd say more that I am also interested in Viet Nam. I've run into you guys a couple of times now and to use a nautical term, like the cut of your jib. Where I'm not doing my WW2 thing, I'd like to see you guys more. Dan, regarding my WW2 interests I am the OC for the Hot B to be found at . At our core we re-enact US Airborne. Rather than doing a single unit we try and portray the Normandy thrown together unit, most of us are 101st but from various regiments/companies depending on our interests. Obviously at Market Garden and Bastogne themed events we represent a single unit and at Railway events we re-enact what we want. However, non WW2 is outside our current brief so to satisfy those needs we need to look elsewhere

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