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Jan 30 11 9:03 AM

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Hi guys

This year i may be Recruiting  for my LONG RANGE PARTOL ,this will be confirmed in march , this will only be for the old hand s , not for F,N,Gs  you must have full battle kit ,

i see you before you see me ,,.


Ssgt hall

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#5 [url]

Feb 3 11 1:05 AM

Hi Ssgt
Well well well I do declare fresh meat! I haven't been on here for a while and am a bit surprised at this, are you gonna put out 2 teams  or 1 heavy team?

Sgt Bingo

My Days are Darker than your Nights

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#7 [url]

Feb 19 11 3:40 AM

I'm more than happy to reci the bar at events as a sort of sLuRRP? if that helps?No way man you weren't there etc etc!


will you have time to even have a drink hohoho?


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