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Feb 5 11 4:32 PM

Well, the Staff likes to "break in the new guys in the bush."

I'm just sayin'

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Feb 9 11 4:42 AM

Intersting, NO!
More like pain full?

Still "The Irish" have usually spent time in an English jail so......... wink

Only joking! 

Paul "no Irish connection" O'Rourke
Da didilly didilly da didilly didilly etc etc

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In Country

Posts: 182

#29 [url]

Feb 9 11 10:25 AM

I'm waiting for the photos!

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#30 [url]

Feb 9 11 12:33 PM

Good to see some Irish humour, Mr O'Rouke! Is Air Cav initiation worse than goal? I'm really getting worried about getting more acquainted with you people! Still me personal Leprahaun will sort yiz out!

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#34 [url]

Feb 9 11 2:45 PM

that leprechauun didnt have a rolling stone t-shirt on if it did he,s MINE


 Didn't notice the t-shirt but he was humming 'you can't always get what you want' so who knows :)

Just waiting on my exam timetable to be released so I can see what events I can go to in May but I should see you at War & Peace and Military Odyssey

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