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Feb 17 11 9:47 AM

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Just seen Jackboots On Whitehall. It's bit far fetched BUT!! it isgood film with a all star cast.

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Nov 10 12 5:24 AM

Yeah i think everyones pretty much migrated over to facebook now. Plus with the ammount of guys that left added to that. We'll see if this gets used within the next mont if not then might as well let it die out & everyone go to facebook if they wanna post.

The UKAirCav motto:- Always making the best of a bad situation since 2004

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Nov 13 12 10:12 AM

Hi Rolando/Joe

We should keep this forum open because as you say the FB is too open, now all the drama has passed and everyone accepts the changes I believe we are now ready to move on and start again, as you have said before a kind of rotation back to the world! I will keep checking this every other day to see if there news

All the Best


My Days are Darker than your Nights

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Jul 3 13 6:27 AM

Hello Bob
Just thought I would post, that's it

My Days are Darker than your Nights

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