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Mar 1 11 12:43 AM

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Hi guys I need passport photo of each of you for your I'd cards my address is 4 lectern lane st Albans herts al12lz
Big g
Captain Bobs enforcer lol
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Mar 1 11 8:18 AM

Just to remind you all the work weekend's are as follows
First       12th/13th March
Second  9th/10th April.
now i have just spoken to the organiser's for Detling (Odyssey) and they wont be happy if
i book thirty guy's in and only ten turn up so this is what you must do you must
PHONE me asap if you are a Definate for this show i have to have the form's in by
the 31st March so we aint got a lot of time so get your brain's in gear if you dont contact me
i will assume you will not be attending and not book you in and as this is the first time we have booked ourselve's into this show i dont want any foul up's so please as quick as you can.


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Mar 1 11 8:21 AM

i am still waitin for my id cards 3 years


Liam behave you still aint sent me a photo so how can we do you a ID card so you better get a photo off to Graham a bit lively or you wont get one this year either.


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Mar 2 11 9:40 AM

Whats the price buddy? I'll get a photo out sometime soon, unless you're at the build weekend?

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