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Mar 17 11 11:06 AM

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Right LRRP ladies i have a limited number of Sewn edge items and a pair of very scarce "H Co. LRRP" Ovals which are often pictured on Berets, i also have the hard to get "Ranger / Airborne" double Tabs as below:

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Mar 17 11 11:12 AM

By the way Sewn edge may be a term some of you aren't familiar with, Cut Edge is when you have a strip of fabric visible around the edge of the patch, Merrowed edge is when there is a thick roll of stitch looped from the front to the back of the patch to stop it fraying - Sewn Edge is a little mopre unusual and is a middle ground, basically it ias a cut eedge patch that has been cropped very close to the edge with a thin layer of stitch wrapped from front to back - it makes for a very tidy look to the tab. Thats a bit of free Patchorak knowledge right there!

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Feb 15 12 2:31 PM

Alot of LRRP's wore them on berets or boonies as in place of the flash - usually with A/B wings on them - but they can also be worn on class A's with the A/B wings on them (actually what they're intended for) 

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Feb 16 12 8:49 AM

Thanks for that, Class A's on the beret? or on the Jacket I think my beret is a bit small know anybody with a black one?
 (beret that is!)

My Days are Darker than your Nights

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Feb 16 12 6:18 PM

Ok maggott's those that have paid ignore this mail, once again you are holding out on these sub's
"GET THEM PAID NOW"  i have only twelve that have paid so far SO GET YOUR f#####g hand's in yer pocket's
and send some money  you have been warned i am just aching for some arse to kick.


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