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Apr 2 11 11:37 AM

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This would be a fun demo at one of your shows! 


About 6 soldiers pull up on a main street in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They're in a standard issue WWII type Willys Jeep. In the span of about 3 to 4 minutes they completely disassemble the vehicle and reassemble it, and drive off in it fully operable! The idea being to show the genius that went into the making of the jeep and its basic simplicity.

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Apr 2 11 2:25 PM

When i woz a mechanic it took me 8hrs including breaks to take an engine out of a car on my own so 5-6mins to strip a jeep cool

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Apr 3 11 5:12 AM

I love it! Maybe we can try it on Danny's Mutt haha

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Sep 1 11 9:15 AM

I saw that done about 30 years ago at a military show when I was a kid. It was very impressive and has stuck in my memory.


As have some things my evil uncle did...... happy place happy place!

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Nov 20 11 1:08 AM

This was a common challenge on the original "It's a Knockout" TV show back in the 1960's. I remember them doing a Mini Moke like this. I can't remember the details but I seem to remember they had to drive up to a wall, disassemble the vehicle pass it over the wall (or was it through hoops or something, can't remember) then reassemble the car and drive it across the finish line. They also did the same thing with minis and they staged an Army event once with (I think) Austin Champs.

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