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Jun 2 11 6:49 AM

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Right lots of you asked me about name tapes at the Bunker, apparently people didn't realise i was doing an order last time, must have missed the two threads i posted ?! - lol

If you want your name tapes made up please add to this thread so i can keep track of them, let me know what you want the tape to say, and whether you want it in Green and black, or White and Black:

They will be £3 each and that includes the shipping from the States, let me know people - i will only order when we've got a decent list together

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Jun 3 11 7:16 AM

Hey Andrew can you confirm that with your dad, its just that i have them made and so i need concrete numbers or i'm stuck with a bundle of Browns (ooo err that sounds like a poo reference)

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Jun 15 11 8:15 AM

Okay so far i have as follows:

8 x Brown - G&B
3 x O'Rourke - G&B
1 x O'Rourke - B&W
2 x Elwood - G&B

Is that it guys? Cos if so i'll get this order off so you new boys have got your names before the seasons end

This will be the last order i do this season guys just so you know

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Jun 17 11 6:44 AM

Look forward to getting the tapes! Would you like paid up front?Cheers,John


No mate we'll square it away when they're in your hand

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Jun 30 11 6:30 AM

Right this is the last call for name tapes, don't expect me to remember if we've chatted randomly about them at a show, like i always say email me or put your wants on here - then you'll get them, so far as i'm aware whats here is whats being ordered:

8 x Brown - G&B3 x O'Rourke - G&B1 x O'Rourke - B&W2 x Elwood - G&B
1 x Reeves - G&B

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#14 [url]

Aug 12 11 7:19 AM

Right ladies - i apologise, i haven't ordered these yet, mainly because people keep telling me at shows what they want and at least one of those times i was rather.........lets say i was "O'Rourked"!

So if you have asked me at a show when i haven't had a pen or whatever then message me now i will order in the next week. I think Peter Elliot and Martin asked me for names but i'm not sure - if you don't reply you won't get your order unfortunately as i can't order them then change the names part way through

Cheers ladies

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Aug 13 11 2:38 PM

hi am new here but could i get 3x green&black and 3x white&black all with GLOVER thanks

These are great days we're living bros We are jolly green giants walking the Earth with guns. These people we wasted here today are the finest human beings we will ever know.

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#20 [url]

Sep 13 11 5:18 AM

No mate - I haven't ordered them yet, everytime i go to i get a text asking me to order another name. Will be soon though

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