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Jul 25 11 2:59 PM

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Hi guys i found myself with you guys on sunday at the war and peace show, i was the guy in the nam gear 3rd pattern m16 etc...... who asked for a picture in your trence with you .
Im interested in getting involved as im at a few of the shows you guys do and have a genuine interest in the vietnam conflict.
i also do airsofting and i normally use my nam gear !!!!!

please forgive my spelling


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Jul 27 11 7:34 AM

hahaha then you had to empty them back in didnt you ?

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Sep 9 11 12:07 AM

Thank guys for making me feel welcome and helping me out with my kit and pointing me into the right direction .
I am going to JOIN UP for the big win ! you guys are out fucking standing smile and i love you all like brothers ( No Homo ) lol

Carry on with the good fight !

lee jerome

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