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Jul 28 11 10:18 AM

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LRP/LRRP Ranger re-enactor in the U.S.


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Jul 28 11 10:50 PM

Hi Twoninersavoy, 

I'm glad to see a Vietnam re-enactors group in the U.S.  I haven't seen too many groups such as yours here.  I am a 1st Cav vet who was with D-2/7th Cav in 1966-1967 and have been in touch with this U.K. Air Cav Living History Group for several years. I consider them good friends. Their Forum here and their page on Facebook provide much insight about their organization.  I attended one of their shows last year in Kent and was immensely impressed at the job they are doing.  They are a great bunch of guys who are very professional and portray the Cav as authentically as possible.  They honor us Vietnam vets by doing what they do.  I hope you will pass on the word to your associates and possibly connect or even work with them on living history matters involving Vietnam.  I think it is greatly needed and long overdue here in the U.S.

I visited your website and it looks like you, too, are involved in similar activities.  Perhaps I will get to attend one of your shows, as well, when I am in the Texas area.

Garry Owen!


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Aug 4 11 12:26 PM

Rolando:  Thank you for your service to our nation!  When your in Texas, you look us up and well have you bivvy with us!  Were a new group, so were just getting off the ground.  The UK groups do a great job of portraying our soldiers - smart, dedicated, the usual British smartness when executing a wartime impression.  Garry Owen!

Hollywood:  back atcha bro!

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