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Jul 30 11 8:47 AM

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Hey I am looking in to getting a couple of belts of inert 7.62 and having no luck apart from lots without tips.
So I was wondering if it was easy to get hold of just the tips and is there any legal issues with that?

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Jul 30 11 9:58 AM

get your ass along to a show and have alook around some stall's guys selling deacs normally got inert ammo and clips at war and peace i saw a belt of 50x7.62 with tips £25 i think it was .
failing that you have got a military jumble 2nd sunday of every month at chatham docks should be able to find them !

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Jul 30 11 10:19 AM

I saw loads at w&p but as the guys know I spent way to much money on kit and couldn't afforde any lol
Just thought getting just the tips and the loping it in to what I found would probably be a little cheaper etc

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Aug 23 11 12:12 AM

This guy was doing brand new belted 7.62 ammo for about £25 per 100 round belt a few years ago I had a few belts off him and I know some of the old salts did too. If he still does it you won't find it anywhere cheaper unless it looks like it's been dug up in a field somewhere...

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Jun 21 12 8:18 AM

He's still around and still the cheapest in the UK for 7.62 belts which are now approx £45 per 100 tipped rounds.

Also doing 7.62x54R rounds in PKM belts for £30 if you have any captured charlie MG's on display plus the usual AK rounds/mags etc

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Jun 25 12 3:06 PM

ok Jack Manly if you are on here your e mail address is no good so i can't reply to your question's ring me 07768696214 if you see this doe's any body know this guy ???


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