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Sep 14 11 11:53 PM

Yeah you did find a mixture of both being worn, normally the old salts would wear tiger's or duckhunter's. Once the erdl's were being supplied in great numbers they superceded everything else, and you will find from looking at the later pictures('68/69 onwards) of lrrp teams they become standard field dress for the Ranger's as by that time they were officially more elite companies and thus were further up the supply chain than the line companies.

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Sep 15 11 12:27 AM

Yeah Im not disputing Special Forces or CIDG troops Glen you would of seen a greater variety of uniforms and kit worn. As you said in an earlier post they basically begged and stealed much of their kit in the early days, tried and tested new bits, and also used sterile equipment. But I'm speaking from a LRRP/Ranger point of view and basically what would be more acceptable to be worn by the LRRP's in this group. In Vietnam their supply routes would be the same as their parent company or battalion so the gear etc they wore depended on their supply routes, sure they would have a few bits extra like the LRRP rations, starlight scope, strobe lights, etc. But if you look at a lrrp's kit most it could be obtained by a plain jane ling doggie but if you look at the CIDG/MACV SOG kit on the other hand most of that wouldn't see the light of day to the ground pounders as it wasn't standardised kit. So we must remember that the LRRPS's were not officially Special Forces and until they attended the RECONDO course (which wasn't a given for every man) were not even Special Forces trained! Sure many of the SOP's they used were originally devised by MACV SOG recon teams but in reality the LRRP team's were still only glorified line doggies who at the end of their tours maybe went onto to join Special Forces if they re-upped.
 So what I'm basically trying to say is just because you are portraying a LRRP dosen't mean you can wear whatever you feel like wearing because it looks good or its different to the next man, and just because you have 1 picture showing a bloke wearing it or using it dosen't mean that it was standard procedure or a common practice because there are people out there that look at our pic's and attend shows who know their stuff  and nobody wants to be pulled up by anybody for not looking right...

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Sep 15 11 12:40 AM

Yeah i agree, i think i either worded something wrong or we got wires crossed somewhere, as regards not getting pulled up I'm sure i rocked that boat a short time ago re: insignia - ;).

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Sep 15 11 5:26 AM

Well next year will be my second season,i am going to structure holidays so i can attend the shows for august ,ie Detling,Dames Hall ( all being well!),and understand you have to get the "Nod" after a year in,so in short it would give me a perfect excuse to buy a  Jager XM177 too! wink


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Sep 15 11 6:12 AM

erm am afraid to tell ya but its not after  a year in, its down to if u have all ur grunt gear, and proved urself as a grunt that u can do both roles, and then and only then if u make it in the lrrps its all down to numbers to, so my advice is knuckle down get ur grunt look perfect befor thinking about the lrrps

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In Country

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Sep 15 11 6:37 AM

It takes years to become a lrrp in this group mate. Just coz you've done a year dosen't you can be a lrrp just like that. Like Ray has said sort your life out as a grunt first then if we're happy you can put your self forward.


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Sep 15 11 6:40 AM

OK Ray & Pete i hear what your saying!,well. i am pretty sure i am "fully equiped" now after some recent additional purchases ,and i'm happy  to continue to work on proveing myself in the grunt role primerilly for next season,thats fine by me, no problem!,and i'll consigne my originaly "pretty" Tigers purly for evening wear!......would'nt want to get them dirty now LOL!

But saying that ,as you know i  am always get eagar for some "trigger Time" !,......did i hear "Lock & load" !
 angel  CISO

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Sep 15 11 9:37 AM

Ok guy's once again all i am hearing from new guy's is LRRP,LRRP,LRRP, i explain in great detail
to every new guy that this is a CAV group and will alway's be one, to be a LRRP you have to prove your self as a grunt and then there MAY come a time when you MIGHT be invited to join the LRRP team
until that time come's i suggest you knuckle under prove to us you can be a usefull member of this group.
and im not sure but i dont think we have a member of the LRRP team who has been here under 4 year's
so that give's you some idea of the time scale, this is not a rant just a little note to make sure all is quite
clear to all involved within the group.


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