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Jan 7 12 7:47 AM

44 pattern water bottles are becoming very desirable actually a 44 pattern bottle {genuine} in battered condition is going for 20-30 pounds a time so if you brought the whole rig the bottles are worth 40-50 quid on there own if not more to the right collector without covers as well

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In Country

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#70 [url]

Jan 14 12 7:40 AM

Thats not a bad price as its currently selling for the cost of the BAR belt - but you'd have to bin those water bottles - nasty


They are 44 patt water bottles and pouchs. The webb set is done up as Aussis S.A.S. Thats why it has had camo painted on. And if you look at the pics there is a SAS trooper stood in the middle of a group of Aussie grunts.


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#71 [url]

Jan 14 12 10:10 AM

Yeah i know that Pete but i was saying if you wanted it for this group or any US impression, ie LRRP or SOG you'd want to get rid of the bottles as we don't use 44, and they are nasty - i had one, they rattle like buggery

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#76 [url]

Jan 27 12 9:30 AM

To be honest i had to confirm it by reading the listing but the tread didn't look quite right which is why i checked, you're better off getting some Panama's from 69 for that price- there is a guy on there doing size 11.5 XW for $11.95 per pair

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#78 [url]

Jan 27 12 12:50 PM

  I bought one of these m3 bandolieers of ebay see listing

I got it today but it only has the date printed on nothing else no makers name or 5.56mm 10 round clips  info
Is this a genuine item or a repo ?

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#80 [url]

Jan 28 12 2:42 AM

Yeah its dated nov 74. I was a bit puzzeled as i have a 75 dated one which has got the 10 round clip info printed on it.

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