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Feb 25 12 12:54 PM

well when your efforts are primarily geared to your imediate surival and those around you,the orgin of a functional peice of equipment issued to you for free,is an irrelivant aspect in your day to day routine,in essance it dose what its supposed to do ,and that is all you need to know!
So rolando and dave,its perfectly understandable,we as enthusiats just look at from an historical reference point of view,and market value,so its we are who are greatful for its practical functionality relayed to us from that snapshot of time in which it was actually used in the field,and the expeiences remembered by you.
If you guys had of had the time to ponder such issues of manufacture,colour,size etc,you probably would not have made to be on here telling us all about them now.
You provide a link for us,beyond the historical text,thanks Guys!

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#102 [url]

Feb 25 12 5:23 PM

Rolando - these past couple of years corresponding with and meeting with some of the guys I served with I am constantly amazed at how differently guys who were together remeber the same things. As much as we were together it is remarkable how individual each guys experience and memories are.

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