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Sep 7 11 5:00 AM

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Right guys i'm gonna be telling steve to cull the forum members again. So if ya a member of the forum who joined 6months ago & has never posted or posted only once ages ago ya best start posting now.
Also i will be telling steve to cull people who are no longer members of the group or who have never been members. But that will be done on a person by person basis.
The reason for the former members is when i send out a group email & either forget to take them off the block email list or jus haven't been told they've left. I get a curt snotty email taking great relish in reminding/letting me kno they are no longer members of the group & make sire i remove their email addy from the list. Then they continue to use this forum like nuffin has ever happened & not only that but the facebook group as well & posting their comments on stuff that no longer concerns them as tho they were still members?? But no more i'm gonna get onto this with stevo over the next week so if your one of those people please don't email me in surprise or wondering why.
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