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Oct 12 11 12:18 AM

My grandad was a REME mechanic and fought all the way from the beaches of Normandy via Belgium and Arnhem across the Rhine to Berlin. REME's are actually infantry men first engineers second and often would have to go out amongst the fighting to recover vehicles or if it was too hot for the recovery vehicle they would try and fix the broken vehicle there and then with bullets whizzing past their heads, and because of the constant shifting of front lines they often found themselves left behind enemy lines...because of their infantry training REME personel could be attached to any brigade, battalion, etc unlike the 'Real Engineers' so I suppose yeah they aren't plummers, electricians or even bridge builders but I beg to differ that was anything was easy about their jobs...

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Oct 12 11 3:29 AM

Mate you've seized upon an "In joke" with Les, as he was Royal Engineers first and spent his time ribbing the REME as they all do (and Vice Versa) and then transferred his Regt to the REME. We had a chat and a chuckle about it at Arborfield Garrison, so it was actually for his benefit as he would have seen the irony in it! However you you're wrong about some things, The RE are also infantry first as is every British Soldier, even the cooks! There is no "unlike the 'Real Engineers'" as the RE are also an attached unit which is why like the REME they have no battle honours for their REGT Colours because they are always fighting under another Regt, Even though the RE have fought in every battle in the history of the Army. Also your grandad would appreciate that many of the tanks he would have seen were crewed by RE as the "Funnies" were RE built and crewed as they were engineering tractors first and foremost doing mine clearance, road mat laying and bridge laying. The two guys who swam ashore three times before D-day to take the core samples which picked the landing beaches were also RE, not bad for plumbers and electricians eh? I for one would never belittle anyones contribution to a war as those who read my Facebook when my wifes Grandad died will know, also my best mate is REME Sgt attached to the Air Corps because he is a heli tech on the Apaches and has doen a tour in Afghan and has just got back from Libya - so would i really say anything to upset them in all seriousness?

In short it wasn't meant the way you took it 

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Oct 12 11 6:26 AM

I didnt take it anyway Glen I was merely stating a few facts having had a member of family who served in the REME. Obviously it was an in joke only one person would get as Les rarely comes on here lol but thanks for enlightening me with the history on the R.E...

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Oct 12 11 9:26 AM

right lets end this.
every regiment with corps befor or after its names came from the Royal Engineers:
Royal Corps of Signals
Royal Corps of transport
Royal Army Pay Corps
Royal Service Corps
Royal Corp of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the First war:
Royal Flying Corps - became the Royal Air Force

Heavy Branch of the Machinegun Corps - became the Tank Corps - then became the Royal Tank Regiment.

When you hear things like Rear, Entry, Made, Easy (REME) OR Royal, Engineers, Made, Easy (REME). Wedge Heads ( Royal Engineers) and remf (all trade regiments).

Its not so much an in joke but Army humor. To alot of people that don't understand it my find it's a bit odd or over bord but nothing is meant by it's only banta! 


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#29 [url]

Oct 12 11 4:40 PM

Don't forget the Rice Crispy Tasters - Ross' favourite


lets also not forget:

The chuncks
Shiny Ass
The Wooden Tops 
The Brilcream Boyz
The Corps Of The Burnning Piss Pot
Donky Wallopers
Scalie Backs
Split Ass
Royal Automobile Club
The Black Mafia
The Budgis
Crab Air
The Green Cowards
Queer Objects On Horseback
Chav Cav
Duke Of Boots
Royal Engineers Minus Ego
Ruin Everything Mechanical Eventually

And thats all i can think of for now lol................Im very imprest with myself thinking of them... I realy know to much crap people dont realy need to know.
If anyone would like to know the translation just ask.
oh last one


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Oct 12 11 7:57 PM

anyway guys moving off topic here idea's please

The UKAirCav motto:- Always making the best of a bad situation since 2004

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Oct 13 11 4:01 PM

Right lads. Calm down before I vomit all over you cunts! Right. Would there be any chance of making a vietnam style hut with group funds go to b&q, sorted. some bamboo... a palm tree here and there.If everyone makes the effort to turn up before a show starts we could knock it up in no time. Anything can be done if we all pull together and get it sorted,


<3 Captain Bob! Airsofters<Reenactors

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Oct 13 11 11:51 PM

The only problem with a hut is transporting it there and keeping it somewhere between shows, its either gonna need a big van or a trailor, and wherever its kept its going to need at least two people to handle it.

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Oct 14 11 1:08 AM

I am not sure Exactly What other specific Cav Combat Engineering functions,could be forfilled,with out great expense?,but could some funds/additional contributions potencially be used to fill these roles and to use funds from next years budget to buy potencial equipment to forfill them?
IE : A mine detector set

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Oct 14 11 6:16 AM

Lots of other groups manage it, some of which are smaller than this group....


Thats true they do but they usually have somewhere to keep it or in the case of the SOG boys they do two shows a year, I wasn't poo pooing the idea just pointing out the logistics before people get all ramped up and decide to buy a shed with nowhere to keep it?

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Oct 17 11 4:42 AM

Big G is on the case with a trailor for the group ( out of group funds) & somewhere to store it but its in its infancy at the moment. Obviously unlike some groups none of our members are fairly well off so in an ideal world we could get a lock up hired for between shows to store the larger items.
I must remind everyone that so far we still have to buy the mortor £400+ & also the poles & repair job £200 for the GP small ( same size tent as big G's) we bought for the group to use. Hopefully once these things are sorted we'll have a clearer idea of what will be left over in the funds to fund other items. Unfortunately it is abit of a slow process but we'll get there. I think also G is looking into getting 2 Gazebo type things & throwing a vietnam vintage parachute over it to semi disguise what they are & using that as our mess/rec area.
The basic idea for w&p at the mo is summink similar to what we trialled at Detling/Odessey & the firebase/LZ type display we do. Whereby we aim for the 'look' but we do a clear path through the display to give an 'experience' or 'feel' of such for the public as they walk thru our display. Also we've spoken to the Marine recon & 101st lrrp guys about tying in or 'merging' their display with ours so it all looks like 1 display & so far the feedback has been that their up for this.
I really wanna go for it next year at W&P & really give Rolling Thunder a run for their money. I wanna be in with a shout of winning an award next year as well even though i've been reliably informed the awards at w&p are rigged. But jus to have someone come up if RT won it again & say 'ya kno wot lads even tho they won it your display was better' would be enough for me. So obviously to do that not only does the display have to look shit hot but so do we! So not that we've got any major concerns about peoples kit we still gotta push you guys more to make sure we've got our shit wired tight! The only thing that'll f**k us up is if W&P try & do what they normally do which is f**k us over for space.

The UKAirCav motto:- Always making the best of a bad situation since 2004

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Oct 17 11 6:26 AM

I am liking the ideas and am willing to help in display be it fill sand bags pitc tents (non rude way)
An idea I have are little props on th display eg empty link and cases in the trench around he pigs or claymor mines etc etc


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