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Oct 23 11 12:38 PM

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Been speaking with Joe (Its all his fault!) and it was suggested we get a representitive on this forum to tie up with our groups activities.

I have shared this login with the group higher higher so you will either get myself (Jay) or Simon from the group as we co run the group as it stands. 

Hope we can get something going in the next season and I will post some of our activites elsewhere.


Terrible Team 12
L Co Airborne Rangers 75th Inf.
101st Abn Divsion

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Oct 24 11 2:41 AM

Hi Jay & the 101 Rangers,
                    Really enjoyed those day long Patrols & the fire  fights,along with you guys at the Spanby  Event!


Hey Man,

It was a pleasure to work the boonies with some squared away bad ass dudes... The rest of you wern't bad either devil

We have another one in the works for next year. Bigger, Better more explosive...
Date to be confirmed. Warning order and event details will be up as soon as I finish the website.


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Oct 24 11 3:35 AM

We are looking at APR pending confirmation for the next one. So get saving!

I personally save a slush fund for this kind of thing. Sticking 25 notes away a month or more if I can.

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#9 [url]

Oct 24 11 6:01 AM

I have just got of the phone with John Oxlade and we have a date for the event.

May 25th, 26th & 27th.

I will now forge ahead with our website for the event and detailed warning order.


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Oct 25 11 1:07 AM

Solid copy on your last Big-g. Can you confirm intel on the Bash event?

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