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Nov 30 11 9:41 AM

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hi guy's what is a genuine poncho worth ?
Say dated then post war ?

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Nov 30 11 11:17 AM

Yeah it's all good thanks for your reply roger !

Ive got two already that i got from the states with 6 poles to make a tent out of them one is 66 dated and the other is 82 dated !

posted i paid £64

I dare say i wont be getting wet lol

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Dec 1 11 10:46 AM

Funny you say that ive got them all from ebay !!!
i got 2 from the states with poles to make a tent $51 the post was $50 sad

then the 3rd i got in the uk

got my eye on some pegs now hopefully i get the them my pup tent can have a nice extention lolz

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Dec 2 11 2:27 AM

Yeah you have always got to remember to add the shipping costs from the states which are creeping up plus the odd customs charge. $15 for a centre seam nam dated poncho liner I would say thats a bargain dude!

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Dec 2 11 5:34 AM

i got a really nice and clean 1968 TWILL one,with a matching 1968 dated liner,the only fault was the velcro which just needed a bit of restiching,as it had come loose over the years on one end, $48,i also picked up another unusual item from the same guy, a poncho that had been turned in to a long hooded rain coat/mac with a popper front and pockets,and the liner inside was the early spoted pattern type liner.
The stuff on EBAY never ceases to amaze me !


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Feb 10 12 3:29 AM

In 1968 I had two similar jackets that were made by local tailors in Bong Son RVN one was just a poncho made into a rain jacket looking very much lke the one in your pic. but no liner. The other was a windbreaker type reversable jacket made from a camo poncho liner that I truely loved I kept and used both of them continuely for years until they finaly wore out.
The rain jacket w/o liner was pretty common in the area and a lot of guys had them

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Feb 10 12 8:01 AM

Thanks Dave for the update! ,i bought it as it was " little different" to a Poncho,i used it last summer in a couple of down pores,and it was still good!,and kept me nice and dry and warm!,some of the guys i was with at the time got absolutly soacked in there "modern jackets"but when the sun came out it got a bit "sticky",and i was glad to put it away again LOL!.

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