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Jan 10 12 7:10 AM

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Hey guys just looking for ideas really what the vet's would of had on there rucks

Some of you will know ive just got my lightweight from mr paul hood many thanks !!

I was think of ruck on the bottom of the frame with my ammo can straped on above and poncho on top of the nylon ruck    OR     nylon ruck at the top and ammo can on the bottom ????

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Jan 12 12 12:09 AM

Thanks boys when i start to sort it out il post some pictures i like pictures lol

Rolando i would have them mortars tubes if i was going for the mortar team , not something ive personaly seen over here the mortar tubes !

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Jan 12 12 12:30 AM

Rope, 9/10mm nylon about 10 metres. Always looks the part. And on a lightweight a chow sock is a must I'd say. Also upside down entrenching tool looks the part.

Just some of the standards........ grin

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Jan 13 12 12:52 PM

As a could of the guys know I am in the process of pimping my lw ruck
I will be putting bedding under the cargo strap etool on the side (upside down)
C-rat sock and 7.62 link under the flap and either clip canteens to the frame or attach a claymore bag

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Jan 14 12 10:26 AM

Nah man, more rope the better! At least that way you know you can rope down 40 feet from a Slick.
Don't forget loads of water and additional ammo.
Maybe put a bandolier under the main flap, LRRP style?

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In Country

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Jan 14 12 3:16 PM

Hey Stevie/Lee/Martin,

Who's gonna rappel from a hovering chopper?  I hated doing that.  I'm afraid of heights to begin with and stepping out on the slicks at 180 ft., hooking on to the rope and pushing out made me shake just thinking that I might not do it right and end up looking at the ground with my feet up in the air. Luckily, I always went down.  One time one of our platoons had to rappel and they didn't have gloves with them. They all burned their hands.

I don't think we carried our own ropes.  I believe they were provided by the Huey crews.

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Jan 15 12 3:39 AM

Haha i dont like heights my self , The rope not going to stay cheap and ive got other things to be getting before that

Ive recently won a 67 2qt canteent and cover , picking a shelf up from paul hood at the next chatham .
Also been on soldier of fortune they got  carabeners and mitchell straps and a p38 can opener lol

so this probally wont start taking real shape until early feb

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Jan 15 12 5:38 AM

from research I've done, I thought that a lot of infantry companies carried ropes in case of the need to scale cliff faces or for spanning fast current rivers, am I wrong?
I'd generally like to know, so I can improve my impression.

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In Country

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#17 [url]

Jan 15 12 7:52 AM

You may be right, but as far as I recall, we didn't. Possibly some of our rifle platoon guys did. Probably some of them were told to carry rope, if it was anticipated that it would be needed or the same way machetes were assigned to be carried. I'll ask around.

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Jan 18 12 5:31 AM

I'll be interesting to hear what the general consensus is amongst the chaps is regarding rope being carried.
Lots of photo's show rope all over the place as Stevie says mainly for river crossing etc. The same goes for the old machette, I was under the impression they were a sort (!) of general issue item. Once again the photos in country show loads of the bloody things.

Always good to get your (and your compardrees) views on these sort of things. The Devils in the detail I always say! 


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