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Jan 18 12 5:53 AM

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Ok guys this is my spare arvn ruck only for sale as i have a lightweight ruck now 
Ideal first ruck and getting harder to find plain
conditon is good with one repair to an outside pocket on a corner not really notice'able grin

And there is some wear on the back just underneath the frame from what i can only guess it were the ruck has been rubbing soldiers belt !
I could not find one over here, so this cam from the usa and stands me in around £100 but im willing to let it go for 


Price includes post and packing

Close up on the war wounds below
picture of the rear of the ruck and the very bottom hasent gone all the way through as its double lined you could reenforce it but its never really bother me !

repair to corner of pocket

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Jan 18 12 6:06 AM

at the moment in there to give it shape is :
K bar knife
2 x 1 qt canteens and covers
1 x m67 canteen cover
m16 sling
45 mag pouch with mags
6 tent pegs with para cord
about 2 ft of old rope
outside pockets
mess tin in the left pocket
rifle cleaning kit
claymore bag
spare alice clips in the right pocket !
so i had a few bits in there but the light weight is bigger

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Jan 18 12 6:32 AM

If your going to put that heavy arse radio in there you may want to stenghen the bottom of the ruck wear one layer has worn away just an idea should be fine with lighter gear !

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Jan 18 12 6:34 AM

Should be able to then. SOG style, PRC 25 in the main body, antenna and handset come out from under the flap.
Still room for foodstuffs too.How about this, would you mind bringing it to our next event where I can try to fit it in, then if it's all kosher I'll taker her there and then?

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#7 [url]

Jan 18 12 6:45 AM

It won't last very long as radio carrier mate - be a shame to kill it

Out of interest Steve i think Paul had some radio carriers

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#12 [url]

Jan 20 12 2:21 AM

Re the ARVN ruck and a prick 25, i've put one in along with my loadout of gear,, it's tight but it'll fit ok, all depends on how much other stuff you need to put in, in my ruck i had, a spare uniform,   2 poncho's and 1 liner, 2 pairs of socks, claymore mine and clacker etc in one of the pockets, food in the other pocket, so as you can see, you can get a few things in, just pack it in nice and tight. but that was a recon loadout, you can only try it out and see how you go, hope that helps stevie, cheers mate,

3rd bn, 503rd abn inf, 173rd abn bde, airborne all the way.

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#13 [url]

Jan 20 12 4:45 AM

I'm going for more of a recon loadout myself, for my Spotter get-up. Thanks for the info, it's going to come in handy!

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