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Jan 18 12 8:25 PM

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Right Guys a cpl of fngs have been asking what to put on & in their rucks. Seeing as i'm stuck on nights & totally Redbulled up i thought i'd sit & type this out to give you an idea's. I'm sure the vets on here will give you a few tips as well but i'll tell you what i have in mine & then you can add to yours as you see fit. Basically for my ruck i load it up as tho 7 big G put it brillaintly ( cheers G ) as if while we're away at a show the zombie apocalypse happened. In otherwords I load it up with enough food water & supplies to last me a minimum or 48-72hrs. I can also hootch up stay warm & dry & strat a fire with what i have in my ruck.
   Now i know we can't carry exactly what the guys carried in the Nam. Either through finacial, legal or being able to get hol of stuff. Butyou can make up the weight in otherways. I weigh my ruck on occasions & jus the stuff i have for a w/ends 'survival' racks up at about 60-70lbs as those that have borrowed it can agree. Here's a rundown of stuff i have in mine & even then i'll prob miss stuff off:-
Personal 1st aid kit
poncho liner
air mattress (rubber bitch)
cpl of pup tent poles
3-4 tent pegs
us army towel (extra to the one i have round my neck)
matches & lighters
toilet paper (good for starting fires as well as wiping ya arse)
mre's, tinned food, british army rations 48hrs worth
spare trousers & jungle jacket in plastic bag to stay dry
Socks 2-3 pairs (after wearing wet socks allday a state of nirvina happens when u put dry ones on) again in a plastic bag to keep them dry.
packet of baby wipes ( gay i kno but cleanliness in the field)
gas stove & gas canister ( i picked up a collapsable one at a camping store)
at least 2 more 1qrt canteens & sometimes an extra 2qrt
Rope?? ( ya never know)
Angle head ( elbow) torch & spare Batteries
Old tabacco tin ( too keep stuff dry in or use like a survival tin)
100x link of 7.62 ammo
7.62 ammo tin ( to the public looks like it could have 7.62 in it) again to keep stuff dry in it.
Mess tin & untensils
Claymore bag ( mine has an inert claymore set in it but again can be handy for putting stuff in)
glow sticks ( handy back up if torch fails)
strobe light & batteries. ( being the Lt if someone gets hurt REALLY bad enough to warrent an air ambulance I can use it for signalling)
M16 cleaning kit
Butt pack ( handy for putting stuff in & hanging stuff off)
Mitchell pattern cargo strap's ( technically usmc issue but damn handy)
Thats pretty much most or all of what i carry in my ruck. Other optional items that can also be added are :-
Mortar round (see PFC Nick Walsh)
M16 Bandoleers (full)
Inert/replica smoke grenades

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Jan 19 12 7:42 AM

All very usefull information,and i found i carried 98% of the above with a few minor variations,but as soon as you arrive at a show/event,and you put your tent up,then populate the contents of the above, filling the interior with all your stuff you carried in,on your ruck,it is then at least 60% empty again.
So should you do any  show patrols,it will be naturally lighter after setting up camp ,which can't be helped,so potencially you may well only be fully loaded too and from your respective cars realistically on arriving and on leaving.
The only time i have ever carried a FULL LOAD (with two days rations) ,with all of the above for an extended period was for 9 hrs ,at the Spanby event and i slept like a baby on that first night LOL! ,as you camped in a forest and had to set up camp / fire in the evening after the patrols where over,perhaps the potencial training weekends that may come up on the site in kent may well encompass a similar exercise ,carrying all your gear for the first day,just to get a feel for it,but it sould have alot of potencial,and am looking forward to hearing more details.


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Jan 19 12 9:21 AM

Not me i pack my ruck largely with period kit that i don't need to get out, then i furnish my tent and set dressing with extra kit so i always have a full and heavy ruck. Plus i don't have to keep diving into my ruck for food or useful bits

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